Christmas is coming.. looking for advice on a gift

Aug 20, 2015
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North County San Diego
I have owned both the Phantom Vision 2 + and now a very happy owner of the Phantom P3P. Love the technology and the ability to take such great videos. But.... I'm not willing to let my kids "play" with it till they get a little experience.

I have seen a few posts on drones that have the same RC controls and can be crashed without to much of an issue so I'm asking. For those that know and can set me in the right direction.. What would be a great less expensive alternative. Less the say $150? I can buy as a present to get my two boys started on this great hobby?

Anyone have ideas? The pros and cons.. Thanks in advance and thanks too for all the great input. Hope this guys become future P8P pilots!
Good question. I have the same situation and would like to know myself. Thanks for posting
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I highly recommend the Inductrix, just recently release. It's practically indestructible, flyable indoors, low cost, handles well. If the kids can learn to fly that craft confidently without crashing, they are the road to safely flying a Phantom.
I am also looking for a kid friendly quad but with FPV.

I like the Hubsan X4 with the camera so far.

The Estes Proto looks pretty good too.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 12.46.27 PM✨.png
Syma x5 is also highly popular and looks like a phantom... has both camera and FPV versions available. Then there is the larger Syma x8 which is close to size of the Phantom.
Try Syma's X5C, X5WS and the phantom sized X8W..
Great little toy grade quads, I still play with them more than my P3P
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Great for both indoors & outdoors flying [emoji4]

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