1. M

    Hello from Kent, WA. Need advice on where to practice.

    I was given a Phantom 4 Pro and, since I live in the middle of about 5 airports I wanted to know the rules before I began to fly. I studied for and took my part 107 test. Now I want somewhere to practice with my drone. Anyone know of a wide open space that is safe and legal for a beginning...
  2. cyclehoarder

    3rd Effort Svannah GA, Tybee Island

    Well took my P3P with me on a recent business trip to Savannah and we have a half of a free day. So used the opportunity to get some more practice in. Still just trying to figure it all out.
  3. S


    Hello everyone, I am new to the drone world and I want to practice flying, any suggestion as to where I can go in or near Riverside, CA ??
  4. NorthcountySD

    Christmas is coming.. looking for advice on a gift

    I have owned both the Phantom Vision 2 + and now a very happy owner of the Phantom P3P. Love the technology and the ability to take such great videos. But.... I'm not willing to let my kids "play" with it till they get a little experience. I have seen a few posts on drones that have the same...