1. stickybit

    Largest christmastree in the world!

    Hi all, I live near the largest christmas tree in the world (367 meters high!) and can see it from my house. This evening the weather was reasonably enough to fly my Phantom 4 for taking some long exposure shots of this tree including the highway near it. The results can be viewed on via this...
  2. Chameleon99

    Will auction sales be a bargain towards christmas?

    Wondering if anyone has experience of auction sales becoming more competitive towards christmas, or am I best to shop around after christmas? Thanks
  3. Helihover

    Christmas Over The Clackamas

    Captured this morning. I think this is the first time I shot an HDR RAW photo. I did a lil filming too, but it was really foggy and the lens was covered with in the first ten minutes.
  4. M

    Drone video of Santa Sledding down Mountain in Norway

    Here is a video that I and a friend made this winter, there Santa is sledding down a mountain In Summøre Norway. Goofy video but did have some epic drone shoots. Would love to see more of your Christmas videos. Merry Christmas.
  5. Green Phantom

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS! & Thank You!

  6. odannyj

    Christmas Tree Fly by

  7. Henrik Olsen

    24 Christmas Drone Tips - New video every day

    I'm doing a Christmas countdown with 24 Christmas Drone Tips. The tips are more or less generic, these could be useful regardless what DJI product you are flying. I'm uploading a new video every day with my own or tips from guests on the channel so stop by if you want to see what is going on...
  8. Jonathanr007


  9. jasonjlee

    Best Low-light settings

    Hi everyone, Since the Christmas season is here, I wanted to know with what phantom 4 settings I can capture the night lights the best with. I haven't used my drone for any night shots, so I'm curious as to what would bring the best quality out of my camera. I know some people have complained...
  10. J

    Happy Holidays from DroneOneMedia

  11. eaglegoaltender

    Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to wish all the members here a.............. MERRY CHRISTMAS To all members and all the very best with safe flying n filming with your PHANTOMS Thank you to all who contribute so very much to helping others with their experience and knowledge regarding DJI Phantoms, repairs...
  12. tml4191

    Best buy black p4 edition pic

    It's not red, green, or any other Christmas color, but here are the all new black editions caged up like your local chickens.
  13. WetDog

    1.6 Christmas Lights?

    Flew the new firmware. -2 to +2C temp. Bird works fine but it seems that DJI is giving us some Christmas presents: First, "You are about to enter restricted airspace. Don't do anything stupid" (I'm paraphrasing). OK, yes, I know. I called the tower. As usual they could care less...
  14. WetDog

    Eternal September and the Battery Question

    Shortly after Christmas, there are likely to be thousands of Phantoms of various persuasions firing up on batteries that have just come out of storage since manufacturing in China. Yes, The Fine Manual clearly states to charge everything first. No, lots of people aren't going to do that...
  15. jamesb72

    Christmas Tree Farm Phantom 3 Aerial video, Somerset UK

    First trip out with my new Phantom 3, a friend of a friend invited us to his Christmas Tree farm before they opened this morning, was fun to fly and video came out OK, first time I'm using 1080p (my new years resolution), I've always stuck to 720p till now, as I figured youtube would mangle it...
  16. NorthcountySD

    Christmas is coming.. looking for advice on a gift

    I have owned both the Phantom Vision 2 + and now a very happy owner of the Phantom P3P. Love the technology and the ability to take such great videos. But.... I'm not willing to let my kids "play" with it till they get a little experience. I have seen a few posts on drones that have the same...
  17. sdtrojan

    Advice for New Purchasers of P3

    I know it was about this time of the year last year when I first started hitting the message boards to learn all I could about "drones" before my purchase. The P3 was not out yet, so you had the option of going with the P2 Vision or modifying a P2 with the H3-3D gimbal for a goPro (which is what...