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  • John, I saw where you posted about parts on a Phantom 4 pro. I broke the compass male connector off into the female compass connector attached to the board. Do you have any suggestions?
    John Locke
    John Locke
    Call Mike Holt, he might be able to help you. 530-277-5366
    John, I haven’t flown yet this year! Was going to take it out tomorrow so charged everything up. I connected to check my settings and saw a new message saying something like I needed to update the firmware because a software mismatch may occur between certain modules. I was wondering if DJI changes the messages or not. My versions are, AC 1.02.0602 RC 1.6.0 APP 4.0.8. Thanks for your help.
    Hi John - I am running ver. 01.03.0509 in my AC P4P and System ver. / App ver. 4.0.4 in my RC + controller. I have experienced occasional crashes of the App in the RC + controller. Should I be using ver. "01.02" instead in the RC. Is this correct and what is the full version number and where do you suggest I download it from? Suggestions, advice - any help would be highly appreciated. Many thanks, Greg
    Hi John, I read a note of your from September that you know a guy named Mike Holte who fixes P3P for cheap. Do you have his contact number? Thanks!
    My monitor is built into the controller. It’s aP4p+. The biggest problem occurs when switching after switching from Stills back to video. I’ve tried clearing all cashe stores but still have problems. Thanks for the advice John. I’ll advise of any changes good or bad.
    Hey John, thanks again for the details on where to fly in RPV.

    I am coming in from Colorado, but will be up in canada for 4 days. Gonna fly there in Vancouver. I have been looking foward to flying the cliffs here every sense i got my drone.

    I am flying with my hard case and had to leave the backpack in colorado. Looks like i will be lugging it by hand. Lol

    Do you fly locally?
    On a thread you offered info on a guy, Mike Holt, that rebuilt your P3P for $300. I'd be interested in that info as mine took a swim and I'm having image transmission error, firmware needs update (but won't), gimbal disconnected error.
    [email protected]
    Hi John, my name is Ryan. I came across a post of yours where you mentioned that you own both the DJI Mavic and P4.

    I make light kits for drones and am looking for people who might be interested in putting strobes and navigation lights on their drones.

    Do you have a contact I can reach you at? Apparently this message max out at 420 characters. My email is [email protected]
    Jerry H
    Hello Ryan. My name is Jerry. I'm very interested in strobe for my p3s. Could you post more details. Price?
    Sounds like your having a great time in Colorado, unfortunately there seems to be an error as your attatchment does not come through
    John, I live in Yorba Linda too and have just bought a Phantom 4. If you have a group that goes to Anaheim Hills to fly, might I join you guys?
    Hi, and thanks about your post about the battery and phantom 3 firmwares. That is what I wanted to read to confirm what I was thinking about all of this, that the problem was coming from the drone itself with FW1.5 and not the battery. I'm still on 1.4 and am now way more confident about flying my drone. Everyone should read your post ;)


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