1. Z

    DJI PHANTOM 4 Pro + V2 & Phantom 4 Maintenance and Service Manual

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for maintenance manuals for my drones. In my country you are required to have a maintenance manual issued by the manufacturer. Thanks
  2. GFields

    Promo Drone

    I was reading this morning and came across this article. PromoDrone delivers aerial drone advertising, designed to engage viewers, using captivating content to drive impressions and convert potential customers. Our customers use our drones, alongside other marketing and advertising channels...
  3. I

    UK Gov Drone Use inquiry closes 12th April 2019 - Have your say..

    If you fly drones commercially or recreationally in the UK, you need to do this before the 12th April 2019..
  4. RapeyFlyer

    Burrow mump, Somerset, UK

    Hey guys, I'm a bit of a lonely flyer and was wondering if I could arrange a meet at burrow mump to fly with a few people. I'm free every weekend and would love to meet some fellow pilots. If anyone wants to drop me a text or call to arrange anything my mobile number is: 07428067159. Cheers...
  5. Flight2Remember

    Drones for Good - The Flight To Remember Foundation

    We're doing some pretty great things with our drones! Join us! Visit our site to learn more and sign up to help! Flight To Remember Pilots
  6. M


    Hello Family it's Mystery Pilot from KAMPALA Uganda.
  7. T

    Drone injuries

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but I am doing research on drone injuries and what caused them. I would love it if you guys could post stories and pictures of incidents with drones resulting in anything from minor bruises to severe cuts. I have about 100 documented crashes on file right now but...
  8. Ilan Yusim

    SkyWatch.AI started offering monthly drone insurance plan

    Hi pilots, I'm excited to update on the latest developments from SkyWatch.AI. For those of you who are not familiar, SkyWatch.AI is a mobile app offering on-demand insurance and safety features, allowing drone pilots to pay less for flying safely. Yesterday we officially launched SkyWatch...
  9. P

    Santorini, Greace - my tips and video

    Hi guys, I wanted to share with you my tips regarding flying on Santorini Island and also my video. I didn't experience any issue, people seem to be ok with drones. I was trying not to bother other tourists/locals with my drone - when flying at the most crowded place on Santorini - Oia, I woke...
  10. Drone Analyst

    Take Survey and Enter to Win a DJI Spark

    I have put together an important survey that will help shed some light on what's happening in the drone industry. I’ve written about it in this blog post. It takes about 10 minutes to get through the survey, and all participants are given a free summary report and the chance to win a DJI Spark...
  11. Chuck1906

    DJI Announcement coming next month

    Earlier this week I got word of an Announcement by the folks at DJI slated for July 18, 2018 at 10am. I was hoping this was going to be the announcement of the Phantom 5 but many believe it will be the announcement of the Mavic Pro II. What do you think it will be? DJI Teases new Drone "See...
  12. BlazeAir

    Discover Norway

    Hi all! To be honest, I haven't been on Phantom Pilots in a while, but I feel that sharing this Discover Norway film is the perfect post to start getting back at it. Discover Norway is quite possibly the best overall drone film I have ever seen. I am also sharing it around because a couple of...
  13. Pixies Channel.

    Any one in Yorkshire, United Kingdom?

    Hi all, I was just wondering if there are any people in Yorkshire or the surrounding areas, I would like to meet up with fellow droners and have a blast. Give us a shout if you want to have some fun.
  14. CaptainDrone798

    DJI Drones and the lack of competition. The DJI Story.

    Hi all, Thought I'd share this here since I'm sure many of you are starting to wonder where all the drone competition is for DJI Drones.
  15. M

    Phantom 4 advanced vs pro

    Which one do you prefer?
  16. M

    Compass stuck on Phantom 3s refurbished, common problem?

    Hello, sometimes when I try to start the engines on my P3S I get the warning "compass stuck, restart the aircraft". Is it a common problem with refurbished P3S?
  17. A

    2017 Epic Drone Compilation

    Hope you enjoy!!
  18. AirVūz

    DJI Launches Retail Store in Cali

    This sounds amazing! Check out the latest AirVūz News story about the Launch of the new DJI Retail Store in Costa Mesa, California. To see the full video and more AirVuz News story click here: DJI Launches Retail Store
  19. biznitch15

    The Air Traffic Control Podcast

    What's up fellow pilots! My partner Chris and I are both Air traffic Controllers that fly drones in our spare time, we started a podcast about ATC but we talk about different topics in the aviation industry. Episode 3 we talk a little about Drones. We hope you enjoy and If you do, please...
  20. AirVūz

    Instant Airspace Authorizations

    So.... There is some new NEWS in the Instant Airspace Autorization world. If the FAA has it's way, it could get a lot easier for drones to fly in restricted space. In a federal request, the FAA, says it needs an emergency action, to help process the thousands of requests by drone pilots to fly...