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  1. Rory McCabe

    May 4, 2016
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    Hello everyone,
    Let me start by saying that the Phantom 4 is radical and definitely exceeds my expectations, however I have been having some slight issues downloading the logs. In the videos I watched online it seems like I should just be able to access them through itunes but I cannot. iphone 6s is updated and synced with itunes, however I still cannot just see all the files associated with my apps like DJIGO. Should I jailbreak my iphone, rather, do I have to? Is there a way to download logs through the usb3.0 cable that came with the P4?
    Maybe I shouldn't be using my iphone, I bought Litchi for ios but also have a Samsung LG4 Tablet. It says in the Litchi instructions that it will automatically download files with Android devices once my motors stop spinning. Has anybody had any luck with that? I'll rebuy Litchi if it works well.
    Finally, I would like to save a backup of everything on the Phantom 4's IMU. Is it possible to log into the IMU remotely or through the usb 3.0 cable. I have been using the Bitvise SSH client to do this with my Solo and was hoping it was possible here as well. Oh and I almost forgot, is there anyone out there who has used both Litchi and the AutoFlight software at autoflightlogic.com/autopilot and could rate how they compare. Another mapping app I have seen is some Maps Made Easy App through Drones Made Easy - Best Drone Store in San Diego. I have worked with Mission Planner before so I was excited to see the autopilot function on map making. From what I can see it looks like you can place a bunch more waypoints than Litchi, and it also allows you to circle an area and automatically grid it for surveys. Hopefully some of you guys have already played around with it and could maybe list it's limitations here, if not i'm going to buy it soon anyways and i'll keep you posted.

    Thanks to all of you who respond!
  2. flyhigh101

    May 4, 2016
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    don't jail brake your phone that opens a whole lot of bad things I will send dji an email they seam to work ok with there customers they are busy and look into there forums you should find the answers I don't know much about the p4 but I do know about the iPhone's good luck

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  3. sonof40

    Oct 22, 2015
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    San Ramon, CA
    Welcome Roy...I think one question/thought per post will yield better results.
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