auto flight logic

  1. Reem_

    phantom 4 pro a flight without pilot

    Hello everyone! I'm beginner and I've silly questions: Can I fly the dji phantom 4 pro a flight without pilot? Can I set individual waypoints to pause the drone ?
  2. R

    AutoPilot Software (Decisions.....Decisions)

    Hello everyone, Let me start by saying that the Phantom 4 is radical and definitely exceeds my expectations, however I have been having some slight issues downloading the logs. In the videos I watched online it seems like I should just be able to access them through itunes but I cannot...
  3. Cthulhus

    Auto Flight Logic "Autopilot" : How to change the POI location?

    Hello, I would like to know how to change the position of the the POI ? By default the POI is set at the take off location. How to change it ? And another question, how to change the video's resolution ? By default is set on 1080p. I want to use 2.7k instead. Thanks :)