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  1. S

    Litchi Route Confirmed with VLM but Camera Angles Are All Wrong

    Using Litchi to program a route for my Mavic Pro and cannot figure out why the camera angles are incorrect. The gimble pitch is not low enough so when the drone flies near the target, the camera doesn't aim down far enough to see the target. The drone is flying to the correct waypoints and...
  2. VegasFlyer

    New Litchi Hub Changes

    I just went into Litchi Hub to tweak a few things on one of my routes only to find that the POI data for all of my waypoints has disappeared! I was more than a bit confused to say the least. After a bit of digging around, as well as some trial and error, I decided to pull up the Litchi homepage...
  3. Wouter


    I'm using Litchi to fly Way-point missions with my Phantom 4. The missions used to synchronize between the mission hub and my I-phone 6. This no longer happens. What happened and what must I do to fix this?
  4. BluWolf

    Litchi or DJI Go smoother?

    I started on my android tablet (again trying both apps), and switched to the iPad Air after my wife felt she wanted a mini due to the weight difference. I have been flying my P3 4K with both the latest DJI Go and the Litchi app on my iPad Air and have found that the Litchi app is "smoother" to...
  5. Skyler King III

    Litchi app on iPad does show all missions

    I set up several missions online on the Litchi web page. They are surely saved there. When I open may Litchi App Monument my iPad, am signed into Litchi, have internet connection, all of the missions don't show. Any suggestions?
  6. R

    AutoPilot Software (Decisions.....Decisions)

    Hello everyone, Let me start by saying that the Phantom 4 is radical and definitely exceeds my expectations, however I have been having some slight issues downloading the logs. In the videos I watched online it seems like I should just be able to access them through itunes but I cannot...
  7. The Suburban Hippie

    12.25 minute, 3.25 mile Litchi flight

    I programmed this to take my quad on a long trip around where I was standing to see how well it did. It did very well indeed! Poor day for getting a good video, but great day to try the LItchi app a little more extensively as there was few people around.. This was my third flight. ...and...