1. N

    Phantom 3 Professional, No Telemetry or video downlink, tx led is green!! bird flies normally.

    Hello Folks, I have been pouring over forums trying to find a solution to my problem on this bird. My unit worked normally when shut down. A couple of days later, I started it up only to find that I get no telemetry, information at all, IE battery level, flight mode, gps position, altitude...
  2. T

    Phantom 3 Standard - Telemetry without camera

    Hi everyone, I really need to know if there is any way to hack or bypass the P3S gimbal board in order to fly it on app WITHOUT gimbal frame and camera. I know the Wi-Fi is fitted somewhere on the gimbal board, so all I need is the aircraft status information such as GPS, Battery etc. I...
  3. Skyler King III

    Can telemetry on DJI cloud be accessed DIRECT from Desktop computer

    Can telemetry on DJI cloud be accessed DIRECT from Desktop computer? ie.e is there a aw, through a web browser to log into the DJI cloud and download? I KNOW I can get them from my SmartPhone/Tablet but I'm looking to get it DIRECTLY through the web from the DJI Cloud to my desktop. Thanks...
  4. R

    Video downlink disconnected

    Phantom 4 issue, on my last flight I had the video downlink disconnect, and gps indicator showed "disconnected" but I still had control of drone and was able to fly back and land. But now when I try to set up again it just shows aircraft status as disconnected, and video telemetry is blank...
  5. K

    1-Click Flight Summary Reports

    Hi everyone, Today at we've introduced new functionality to instantly create beautiful, comprehensive, flight summaries with just 1 click. All you need to do is upload a flight log to then press the "Report" button to create a PDF you can share online or download. This...
  6. BayouBill

    Telemetry link?

    Can anyone tell me which RF link is used for the telemetry data? 5.8G or 2.4G?
  7. R

    AutoPilot Software (Decisions.....Decisions)

    Hello everyone, Let me start by saying that the Phantom 4 is radical and definitely exceeds my expectations, however I have been having some slight issues downloading the logs. In the videos I watched online it seems like I should just be able to access them through itunes but I cannot...
  8. phxbird57

    Question on a Phantom 2 Vision plus

    I'm looking at getting a used P2 vision +. It does not have a camera or Gimbal. what I would like to know is will the drone still send telemetry to the screen with out the camera? I'm not looking to take video but would like to know how far it is and atl. Thanks Phxbird
  9. E

    DJI Phantom 2 vision+ Wifi module alternative

    DJI Phantom 2 vision+ Wifi module alternative Hi besides getting the official vision+ wifi module, can you use something else to get the info on how many satellites connected etc..
  10. A

    Questions about telemetry, flight logs and HealthyDrones

    I've only flown a dozen times or so, but would like to see all I can see from the data generated. I have been reading bits and pieces about downloading telemetry data and uploading to HealthyDrones. How is that accomplished and what can I expect to see? Any other sites/apps/programs recommended...