Airline restrictions on LIPo batteries in kit hardcase

Jun 30, 2014
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Wadsworth, Illinois
Hi everyone, I tried to find info on this in previous threads, but her goes. I would like to take my P2V+ with me from Chicago to San Francisco via carry on a Commerical Airline Carrier, but I'm worried about the batteries. Will I have any problems with the TSA? Are there any special precautions I should take with the batteries like special battery bags or have the batteries discharged. I will check with the specific Airline for their rules but sometimes that turns out to be a cover all clause. I know I read that other Phantom Pilots have taken their Birds with them and didn't mention any problems, but I can't remember where they were Carry on or checked luggage. If anyone has had successful trips or problems I wold sure like to here about them.
Thanks and happy landings.
Also look at:

I would use a carry on bag that meets the size limits, pack one battery in the drone, and go with two spare batteries also placed in the carry on.

Placing tape over the area of the connectors on the spare batteries doesn't hurt, even though there really isn't any exposed metal to be concerned about.
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Thanks Meta4 and Sierra this is exactly the information I was hoping to find.
I just returned from Houston on Southwest and had no problems. The guys with TSA said they are seeing more and more quads. They didn't even want me to open the case. It fit easily in the 737 over head space. If you check it is recommenced to carry the batteries on. You have a unlimited amount of batteries that are under 100w\hrs.
Safe travel.
Wow I just ran the numbers and yes these are under 100 Wh.

Then I looked at the batteries and it says it right on the side, 57.72 Wh, lol.
I uses a Pelican 1510 case and TSA doesn't say anything about it, it goes through just like my other bag, no questions. I'm not sure if that because when I go through TSA its through the TSA-Pre line.
Took a P2 and 4 batteries on Delta a couple of weeks ago. Went through TSA just fine. Airline does not know or care what is in carry on if it makes it through TSA. Just don't try to check the bag. The Lipo's need to be carry on.

The P2 was swabbed by TSA on my return flight. Not sure why. Took about 1 minute extra.

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