Affordable DJI for begginer

Jul 21, 2017
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Hello guys, i hope someone will be cool enough to answer and please don't be rude cause i'm learning and i don't know drones that much .
I'm studying in environnement , and i saw the potential of drones in "mapping" so i decided to become a drone provider and i want to start as soon as possible .The thing is that my budget is low , but i have to start somewhere so i made research and i learned things about GSD... so i have some questions:

-Is the DJI phantom 3 Adv enough to start making photogrammetry , mapping ...Today? (because that Dji is a little old)
Calculating GSD, P4Pro not any better than P3 Advanced?!?
-I'm worried about Tower inspection, can it affect someway the drone while making inspection ?Can i provide this kind of service with a dji phantom series or should i take a higher UAV for it?
I'll certainly answer as fast as you guys answer so please don't hesitate.
All the Phantom series will provide high quality video and position information. There are various software applications out there to provide the Topographical part to the results.

For position and stability - the P3 Advanced and Professional offer best ... but the P3 Standard is not bad as long as distance is not a factor. Keep within 500m and the S is fine.

Plenty people do use Phantoms for Commercial work .. we have 3 in our club providing commercial service - not quite sure what .. but I know they do ... 2 are Pro and 1 an Adv versions.

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The only thing I will add to @solentlife 's post is the fact that if you are in the US, you will need a Part 107 license for any commercial work. Other than that, towers don't normally effect the performance of the drone, unless it is a microwave tower, try to avoid those, especially with a P3 Standard due to the fact it use's Wi-Fi and not Lightbridge.
@solentlife and @Fly Dawg thank to you i might take one of those affordable phantom and start something with it.I'm not in the US but we have a certificate to be able to fly drones (not sure if it's the right word for it).But thank you guys for your time and experience ... I hope i'll found all my answers in this website.

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