phantom 3 adv

  1. Trex.Drone

    P3 adv IMU Calibration unknown error at 2%

    Hey Guys my phantom 3 advanced has updated firmware. 1.11.20 but it says imu calibration require, whenever i try to calibrate. calibration halts at 2%. with a message unknonw error. please help. i flew this drone only once. n it was in cupboard for 8 months. please help.
  2. P

    Phantom 3 Advanced Fcc mode in CE country

    More my curiosity than real need or else, I was wondering if there is any way to switch P3A to Fcc mode in Ce countries. For the P3SE it was done just using fake gps and then it seems app 3.1.8 or previous don't switch back. Thanx for anybody who will fulfill my curiosity!
  3. I

    Phantom 3 Advanced w/Box and Accessories -$450 (SOLD)

    Hey all, as you can probably tell I'm new here. My dad is looking to sell his P3A since he just ordered a P4P+ Now I'm sure you're wary about this because I'm new here, but I created this because I just listed it over on reddit hardwareswap. Here's my post there. Over on that subreddit I've...
  4. phxbird57

    To our Veterans

    I helped a friend do a video for his work. I thought you may enjoy. It's for Veterans day. To All the veterans out there THANK YOU.
  5. B

    Phantom 3 Adv Camera and Gimbal

    Selling a used P3A Camera and Gimbal. The camera works great. No issues and lense has no scatches. Asking $185 shipped to Continental US. Will ship overseas for additional shipping. Also selling the controller, P3A/P shell with motors and vision pos. system. Shelling is in good shape.
  6. N

    Does my footage from my P3A look soft?

    Hey guys. I took my P3A out for it's maiden flight the other day and captured a few clips with it. When I got back home to look at some of the footage, it looks a little soft to me. I'm pretty sure I had all of the settings right when flying, and if I'm right, I believe the camera focuses to...
  7. K

    Affordable DJI for begginer

    Hello guys, i hope someone will be cool enough to answer and please don't be rude cause i'm learning and i don't know drones that much . I'm studying in environnement , and i saw the potential of drones in "mapping" so i decided to become a drone provider and i want to start as soon as possible...
  8. X

    Will my phone work with the phantom 3 advanced ?

    Hi I'm sure this has been asked before but I suck at searching for information apparently, I was wondering if you need to have the phone connected by a wire to the controller for the phantom 3 advanced, and if my phone is capable of working with the drone/remote I have a (ZTE Grand X Max 2). I...
  9. A

    Advanced Choppy Audio/Out of Sync Video on Facebook Live

    Since DJI Go 3.1.5 on my Samsung Tab A any time I try to do a Facebook Live stream the audio is choppy, before 3.1.5 it was the other way around. Now I know others use the Tab A and while it is probably far from the first choice for flying your drone around it's still a pretty popular...
  10. V

    Pls some recomendation about a backpack for Phantom 3 for hiking

    Hello! I am looking for a backpack for Phantom 3 Advanced with the following requirements: 1. United Kingdom / Germany shop (i am from Europe and shipping from USA is not a variant) 2. Backpack must be comforable for hiking 3. Backpack must have place for bottle of water and wallet 4...
  11. BlueMan

    Looking to upgrade to a P4???

    I just got a new P4 but I am most likely relocating for work to NYC which is 99.9% no fly zone. I would like to sell if possible to someone soon. I got a bundle deal from Adorama of the DJI backpack and extra battery. The price is $1,557 and the link is DJI Phantom 4 If interested please message...
  12. Twosteps75

    For Sale Phantom 3Pro/adv 4K camera

    Being a newbie I didn't check the compatibility for my Standard 3. So I paid $345 for a 4K camera upgrade, obviously it doesn't fit anything but a Phantom 3 pro/adv. Willing to sell for $300, payment via PayPal only. Can send pictures as needed. Still boxed, brand new, never used....because...
  13. Twosteps75

    Phantom 3Pro/adv 4K camera

    so I've tried to sell a brand new boxed 4K camera on eBay twice. Both times it "sold" it turned out to be scams. Are we allowed to advertise on here? What's the safest way to do this. These things are obviously not cheap so I want to make sure of that first and foremost.
  14. B

    Help assessing second-hand Phantom 3 advanced

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying a second hand Phantom 3 advanced drone and would like some advice from experienced people, since I'm very new to the drone business: - I'm still hesitating between buying either a brand new Phantom 3 standard or a second-hand Phantom 3 advanced. Price is the...
  15. R

    Advanced Please help!

    Hi all, I purchased a Phantom 3 advanced in January of this year and have yet to fly it. I bought it directly from DJI, yet never get responses to support requests. I can't even get the motors to run. I'm getting so frustrated with this thing because it was expensive and I see people enjoying...