1. O

    PH4 RTK Not showing Flight lines in planning

    So yesterday I was trying to plan a flight off a .kml with PH4 RTK and usually it auto populates the flight into the .kml at 100m as default. I got nothing. area was large enough 10ha. turned off and on. nothing. tried to load up a previous .kml that was planned and flown earlier that day...
  2. S

    Mapping Price per Acre (No RTK)

    Hello Community, do you have an idea what is a possible Price per Acre to claim when mapping with Phantom 4 Pro without RTK in Europe, nowadays? RTK is not needed for the projects I plan so this is fine, but it's for sure not worth 100 € per acre. Other Information: Flight Height: 80 - 115 ft...
  3. W

    What to buy to replace Phantom 3 Standard

    Hi, My Phantom 3 (Standard) is coming to the end of it's useful life - and I'm keen to get something with a higher quality camera. I've been out of the loop for a while and noticed that Phantom 4 is discontinued, and still no word on Phantom 5 (as far as I can see!) I primarily use the drone...
  4. Hivemapper

    Mapping contest - Use your DJI drone to win up to $3000

    I thought you all might be interested in this contest my company is putting on: We’re looking for DJI pilots to try building a 3D map at All you need to do is fly around any area you want to map and upload your video. It can be anything from a quick orbit around your house to...
  5. Hivemapper

    Get Litchi mission planning app free when you build a map.

    Greetings all, I just wanted to share this offer my company is currently making for DJI drone ops. We're looking for people to try uploading some video to and try building a 3D map. Not only is it currently free to open an account but we're offering to cover the cost of your...
  6. F

    New member here..mapping and maps

    Hello everyone I came here to learn about my phantom 4 pro. Right now I’m curious as to what maps and mapping are for and how to do this with the DJI go 4 app. Thanks in advance.
  7. PhantomFandom

    Commercial Mapping of Roofs and Buildings

    Hello everyone, I am experienced with drones but mostly for personal pleasure. I do have my Part 107 and would like to see how I can use my drones more in a commercial aspect. So now my questions. One of my clients is an engineering firm. As part of their business they need to do roof...
  8. PaddyDelmar

    What makes the P4 better than the P3? can i upgrade the P3?

    Title pretty much says it all. i have a P3 and am going to start working toward doing mapping for my company. Is the P4 better suited? Why and can I upgrade my P3 to have more capabilities? UPDATE i guess i should have included that I do have the P34K. but dont think i have the lightbridge. much...
  9. ibewdallas

    just getting Started...West Texas Oil Field

    very excited about learning to fly, Hoping to venture into a career change as I get older and hopefully wiser. I have flown a mavic pro and a Inspir 1 under the supervision of a 107 pilot. I loved it! looking for others who I can learn from and just enjoy the ride (from the ground of course). I...
  10. W

    Hello from Finland

    Hi, you seem to be plenty here. Been close to drone some 2 months now and the main target is geo mapping. Bought P4P plus ( ;( mistake cant get it working for the purpose. Should have bought P4P ) Anyway trying to get around the problem elsewhere in the forum. However. One issue is puzzling...
  11. W

    P4P plus

    Hi Pretty new with drone /2 moths. Made the same mistake as some on site because main purpose is geo mapping. Any latest news to go around the problem - p4p+ does not cope with GSP - did not find way to preplan flight grid wit some 100 pics (but manually with Litchi) Has someone found a way...
  12. Lindsaybev

    14 CFR 107.31 Re: VLOS and Waivers

    I read that some people regard the "Visual Line of Sight" to include use of the controller, and NOT necessarily mean that my eyes MUST SEE THE DRONE IN THE AIR SPACE. Will people who have actually taken the certification class, or people who actually have the 107 cetification, please tell me...
  13. W

    DroneDeploy Free User

    Hi. i use P4 and i make my first mapping. its 20Ha, but for Free User i just got .obj file for download that map. my question is, what software can open the .obj file? i try to open with Photoshop but i dont have idea what i have to do.
  14. F

    Greetings & Salutations from a Part 107 pilot in San Diego, CA

    Hi pilots, I recently passed the part 107 exam and purchased a Phantom 4 Pro for mapping, orthomosaic image collection. Looking for more public places to fly in San Diego to practice. I have many hours of practice on private property, but it seems many of the public places in San Diego are not...
  15. W

    (ask) about DroneDeploy for 3D Mapping

    Hi everyone. i just wanna ask about drone deploy. i use P4 first, for free user they only give us 500images to upload on they server to make project or something. and my question is, if i have 300Hectare to be change to 3D images (detail constuction) it will be take more than 500images right ...
  16. E

    DJI GS Pro and altitude increasing on its own

    Hello, I've just started using a P4P for surveying/mapping landscapes, including streams and shorelines. I've had on and off issues with DJI GS Pro, where I create the route with a set altitude, say, 200 feet, and set the drone to fly. The drone will lift up and go to the 200 feet, and then it...
  17. V

    Phantom 4 sensor size, focal lenght

    Hi, I searched the internet for info about Phantom 4 sensor size. I need specifically the sensor width as it is required in some photogrammetric software. I found various answers 6.17mm, 6.20mm, 6.24mm, 6.31mm Does anyone know which one is correct? Also the focal length is fixed at 3.61mm but...
  18. V

    Problem with some images in Mapping Survey

    I Have Phantom pro 3 and I finish a big project. I have problem with some images. Some of images are pink. I think the problem is the white balance, but I do not know how to fix this problem. Ηas encountered a similar problem? An example is the following image Dropbox - pink_images.png
  19. J

    Best Software to Stich Low Overlap Photos

    Good evening all. I’m looking for some advice after making a pricey and stupid mistake of flying a tad too low over stockpiles, and now have stitching difficulties due to the overlap decreasing at the highest parts of the Stockpiles. Has anyone had any success with processing low overlap photos...
  20. V

    Mapping Mountainous terrain

    Hi, I am a surveyor and plan to use Phantom 4 for mapping. I am looking for mission planning apps that support terrain following or terrain aware as they call it. The ones that I found are Map Pilot for iOS and DroneHarmony for Android. Are you aware of other apps that support this feature?