1. F

    Degrees and drones for inspections

    Do you need a degree for people to take you seriously for inspecting crops and rooftops with drone deploy and a p4p? I didn’t want to pour a bunch of money into the software I need if I have to be a licensed land surveyor. Thanks in advance.
  2. OmniDrone Aerial

    Roof Inspection: The Safe and Smart Way

    Obviously not filmed with a phantom, but relevant nonetheless. Hope you guys enjoy and I'd love to hear feedback.
  3. OmniDrone Aerial

    So I started a Drone Service: OmniDrone Aerial Video & Photography

    What's up guys! My name is Austin and I'm the owner of OmniDrone Aerial located in Wisconsin. My aim is to be the gold standard for aerial video and aerial photography in all of western Wisconsin and the greater Twin Cities area (Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN). I just wanted to drop in and say...
  4. K

    Affordable DJI for begginer

    Hello guys, i hope someone will be cool enough to answer and please don't be rude cause i'm learning and i don't know drones that much . I'm studying in environnement , and i saw the potential of drones in "mapping" so i decided to become a drone provider and i want to start as soon as possible...
  5. T

    New to forum

    Hello All, I am new to this forum site and to DJI. I work as a professional UAS pilot in the survey industry, I am a certified Helicopter pilot and certified UAS pilot. We are currently switching over from the 3DR Solo UAV. The Solo has been an excellent UAV for user friendliness and open...
  6. R

    Water Tower Inspection

    I have been approached by a smaller municipality to do inspections of some water towers. I have my part 107 license but don't know what they are looking for yet. I believe that they are just looking for photographs and video of the towers themselves. I was going to charge $100.00 per hour for...
  7. W

    Motor & ESC/Centreboard inspection

    In an unnecessary rush I've made a stupid error and killed my P3A - persistent ESC errors despite all the standard troubleshooting. The story is: after some routine maintenance I used the wrong screws (too long) to mount the motors, I assume the majority of the damage was done when trying to...
  8. Neil Mathew

    Anyone done any Aerial Inspection work here ?

    Hey guys, I had a couple of questions about aerial inspection with drones, especially close to infrastructure like buildings, bridges etc and I was wondering if anyone here has done work like that in the past. Just want to learn a bit abut the area. Let me know.
  9. A

    DroneView Tech - Looking for Experienced Pilots in Arizona

    DroneView Technologies does inspection based service work for enterprise clients throughout the nation. We're currently looking for a pilots with experience in Arizona. DroneView does the sales work and logistics so that a pilot can focus on what they're best at.. flying. We ask for a typed...