Advice on updating Phantom 4 Pro Firmware or not

Dec 7, 2016
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Hey guys....

Are there any Pros or Cons in updating to the latest Phantom 4 Pro Firmware? I haven't update since June 2017, and just curious if there are any headaches they you all have noticed, whether it be flight distance, resolution, color, radio transmission, stability, gimbal.... ect. Any real reason to update, besides a couple of flight modes and the supposed "optimized image quality" ? ...Yes I've checked out the changes in the release notes on their site, but looking for other pilots that have updated with real world results.

I use any iPad4 Mini (IOS 10.3.1) and my Phantom 4 Pro currently has the following firmware:
Phantom 4 Pro Firmware : V 01.04.0602
Phantom 4 Pro Remote Controller Firmware : V
DJI GO 4 App iOS : V 4.1.0

As of this post the latest firmware on DJI's site is the following:
Date : 2018.03.08
Aircraft Firmware : V 01.05.0600
Phantom 4 Pro Remote Controller Firmware : V
DJI GO 4 App iOS : V 4.2.6

Mar 14, 2014
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Dothan Al
you can do this up date at your own risk.
several people have up dated and it worked for some but failed for others.
if the firmware you are using now is working than don't update.
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Apr 20, 2014
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The first thing you may want to ask yourself before updating to a more recent f/w, particularly if not experiencing any flight issues at the present time is.
1. What exactly had you hoped to accomplish by updating to the newer f/w.
2. Will the update improved overall performance in comparison to what you already are experiencing.
3. Does the end result justify the means.

This sort of info. as it relates to updating f/w & software has been provided on various forums almost since the inception of of the DJI series AC to date. While many have been successful, and in many instances actually found updating absolutely necessary, as in the lesser of two evils, fly or not fly, too many have not been so fortunate.
As you are probably aware, you too may simply find the end results had not necessarily improved functionality, but may actually lessened overall performance and possibly even create other negative results of one type or another which in turn makes the aircraft inoperable, thus requiring the model to be sent into DJI for further evaluation and or repair.

My suggestion would be to read up on the topic and form a decision based upon the overwhelming data already provided, and further base your decision on absolute need, rather than possibly jumping from the frying pan into the fire, so to speak.
As mentioned, there is already quite a bit of information from those who had chosen to do so.
Note: Updating to the latest f/w may or may not be a warranty concern, but if you update and then develop a serious flight issue which leads to a crash, the mere fact that you were using the latest f/w will not necessarily ensure your model will be repaired/replaced.
On the other hand If the model is presently flying well, there will probably be less likelihood of a catastrophic even resulting from normal flight operations. The choice is ultimately yours, so you may want to consider choosing wisely. : )
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