1. C

    Litchi export strange waypoints in my mission

    Hi, If I import a csv file with 2 following way points being at the same lat/lon but with different heading, it seems Litchi create a buggy mission. Look at the 2 two attached pictures and you will see 2 points near the equator ! I can skirt this problem if for exemple I change the later...
  2. Liveddica

    Advice on updating Phantom 4 Pro Firmware or not

    Hey guys.... Are there any Pros or Cons in updating to the latest Phantom 4 Pro Firmware? I haven't update since June 2017, and just curious if there are any headaches they you all have noticed, whether it be flight distance, resolution, color, radio transmission, stability, gimbal.... ect. Any...
  3. M

    Do not update to iOS 11.2.5

    After update to iOS 11.2.5, DJI Go App (latest version) doesn’t work properly and don’t have signal and data from the drone Phantom 3 Professional on my phone. The remote is working, but the iPhone 8 Plus acts like not connected. I’ve made downgrade from iOS 11.2.5 to iOS 11.2.2 and everything...
  4. B

    Drone noob seeking advice

    Hi everyone, My 9 yr old son has expressed an interest in the Phantom 3 drone. I have a friend willing to sell me his Phantom 3 Pro and a barrage of accessories (nice carrying case, 4 batteries, etc.) for a wonderfully fair price. I am quite excited about getting into it and ready to pull the...
  5. M

    P3S/A/4k/adv updated DJI GO IOS version numbers for use w Charles proxy

    iTunes appextvrsid version 821432200 3.1.6 821563306 3.1.7 821633534 3.1.8 821774962 3.1.10 822367712 3.1.11 822653255 3.1.12 822727742 3.1.13 823185410 3.1.14 823310041...
  6. chatikib

    Is it a dangerous game to fly with Litchi?

    I fly with a Phantom 3 SE, often in combination with Litchi. I'm using an iPad Mini (iOS). But now I'm starting to worry. Because there are many users who point out that Litchi is not yet suitable for the Phantom 3 SE (SDK isn't available). What should I do? Keep the bird on the ground or use...
  7. C

    Looking for a copy of DJI GO 4.0.8 for IOS

    Howdy all. Long time reader, first time poster. Does anyone have a copy of DJI GO 4.0.8 IOS (IPA file) that they could share with me? Looking to get a new iPhone but not too keen on downloading the latest app version after reading about all the troubles. Cheers.
  8. F

    Phantom 3 Pro won't play transferred videos on iPad Mini 2

    Hey everyone! First of all, I am new here, but I have had my Phantom for about 2 months now and fly it nearly every day. I have something like 25 hours of flight time so far. So, my issue is this: I got tired of editing the low quality (720p) videos that I can download directly from the...
  9. K

    google cardboard

    i wanted to know if there was an ios app for google cardboard headtracking for the phantom 3 standard
  10. vcinfio

    DJI Go App No Fly Zone Update - Feb 12

    I am very reluctant to update the app as the description on the app store reads "update no fly zone library". Has anyone updated the app and noticed an addition to the quantity of no fly zones?
  11. H


    Our DJI drones are controlled by either Android or iOS apps located on a device either made by Apple or one made by the PC-type manufacturers. Shouldn't mention of which one is being used be included in a post requesting help? There may be problems dealing specifically with only one of those...
  12. Paulie1340

    Video editing on iPad or lap/desktop?

    So I'm looking at upgrading my iPad Mini(1) which does not meet Litchi specs to an iPad Mini 4. I have a choice of 32GB or 128GB of storage. I'm thinking... if I had the 128GB of storage what would I use it for and the only drone-related/P3S/Litchi reason I can think of is possible video...
  13. F

    Missing Camera Control Icon

    I can't for the life of me find the icon on my Iphone 7 or my Ipad that allows me to control the video camera settings. I have no problem when using my Android based version of the DJI Go app but can't seem to find it with the IOS version of the app. I'm using DJI GO ver 3.1.2. I'm looking to...
  14. Cosmic Pilot

    Litchi in iOS - No GPS Coordinates in Waypoints

    Hi Team, Can anyone confirm if Litchi on iOS can have manual GPS coordinates input into waypoints. - Similar to the attached screen shot which is Litchi on Andriod. I have selected 'show GPS coordinates' in general settings. However when I edit waypoints there is no area to manual type a...
  15. SoCalDude

    DJI GO v3.1.1 Released for iOS (2016-12-05)

    DJI GO v3.1.1 was released today for iOS. I'm not sure about Android, but I would assume it was available before the Apple app store released this.
  16. Nivek

    Which Tablet?

    Hi, I have just ordered a p3a (Black Friday Pre-Sale in the UK). I am considering getting a tablet to use with it rather than use my compact smartphone. Three that I have considered are the Nexus 7 32GB 2nd Gen, Samsung Galaxy Tab A and the iPad Mini 2nd Gen. My question is: Has anyone...
  17. SoCalDude

    HealthyDrones is Broken

    For me, and from the looks of it on the HealthyDrones forum, it seems like a bug in their iOS uploading software is preventing any flights from being sync'ed from the DJI cloud. The error upon attempt to sync your flights is, "Unable to upload to HealthDrones, check Token" HD is working on the...
  18. B

    Heads up, DJI GO - iOS 3.0.2 problems

    Just for info really, looks like version 3.0.2 of the DJI Go app realeased a few days ago is causing problems with logs getting deleted and/or removing any GPS/Map data. As mentioned on this forum before, it's worth holding off any updates for a while! Instructions for disabling auto-updates...
  19. Roi

    Need files for RC firmware downgade

    Hello, I like to downgrade the firmware of theRC of my P3S from 1.6.8 to 1.5.7 because of the range problems. Unfortunally I deleted the firmware cache of my DJI GO app... :-( In this thread I learned a bit about this procedure. I kindly ask you for files you might have left on you DJI GO...
  20. M

    Compatible IOS/Android devices - NO iPad - YIKES!!

    I preordered a Mavic from DJI yesterday. Today I learned, despite what it says on the Apple site, there is NO current compatibility with the iPad. Following is the list of compatible devices provide to me today by DJI's pre-sales chat support. The list given originally didn't include iPhone7...