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    I am a 14-years-old dutch boy and i love drones. On my 10th have i my first drone and now i have a DJI Phantom 3 SE. Sorry for my bad English i'm Just 14😉
  2. W

    White snow on the Swiss Alps

    The white snow has covered the summit of the Swiss Alps, let me know what you think about it!
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    Green Lake Passy - Mont-Blanc

    Set in an exceptional natural environment, this lake is easily accessible. The transparency of the water allows to observe the accumulation of trees and plants on the bed of the lake. These elements, combined with the presence of blue-green algae, give the lake its remarkable emerald green...
  4. Robert Moreno on Twitter

    Robert Moreno on Twitter

    “Feeling the mood. Flight at the Salton Sea. Instagram links in Bio. Music by “Love in Your Eyes” - Lee #fall #autumn #mood #sunset #dusk #dawn #landscapephotography #drone #dji #phantom4pro #desertx #palmdesert #lofi #hiphopbeats @DJIGlobal”
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    The Summits - Ovronaz Switzerland

    The summits of Ovronnaz; The Muveran massif hosts the few summits of the Vaud Alps which reach the 3000 meter limit. Others peaks: Six Armaille, dent de Favre, dent de Morcles, Haut de Cry, Pointe de Chémo, Tête Séri, l'Ardève. Please let me know what you think about it Thank you for watching
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    Emergency Drone Upgrade Sale - EVERYTHING NEEDS TO GO in the next few days!

    Something has come up job-wise and it's looking like I might need an Inspire 2 with an x5s as soon as the next few days. The problem is only own Phantom 4, 4 Pro, and 4 Pro V2.0 Aircraft. I also own many batteries. I need cash to buy the Inspire 2 and I want to use the cash I get from...
  7. ryantrax

    Fly As You Are DJI Event

    Mavic Mini? New
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    Morgins lake - Switzerland

    The Morgins Lake is located at 1,369 meters, it's a relic of a glacial lake. Today, it is part water and part humid vegetation and marshland on the southern side. This biotope is an amphibian breeding sites. From the lake, you can admire the Dents du Midi summits.
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    Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 peaceful night
  10. tml4191

    New DJI osmo Action camera $300 so-cal

    sealed no tax + receipt
  11. Resort Sandos Finisterra - A Drone View

    Resort Sandos Finisterra - A Drone View

    Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos is easily one of the most picturesque resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It is located at the south end of the Baja California Pe...
  12. Cabo San Lucas * When Pacific Ocean meets with Sea of Cortez

    Cabo San Lucas * When Pacific Ocean meets with Sea of Cortez

    Breathtaking scenery where the pacific ocean meets with the sea of Cortez in the fabulous Baja California Peninsula. The city behind the wall of rocks is Cab...
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    Making money

    So I'm looking at starting to make some money from my drone, im hopefully doing my part 107 in the next few weeks. I've been looking into websites such as drone base and ive got a few other ideas, but I wanted to know if anyone has any experience in making money from drones, how it went, and...
  14. Ashton Pinto

    Lost my DJI Tello [Gorai,Mumbai,India]

    I lost my tello drone :( I was flying the drone 15m high, when suddently it went backwards without me doing anything. Then I get a message saying it lost connection to my phones wifi. The autolanding activated and I couldnt see where it was landing. The button to terminate the aulanding too...
  15. H

    SD card ejected while flying on my Phantom 4 advanced!

    Hey I wonder if this has happened to other Phantom 4 drone owners. Yesterday I was flying in really mesmerizing landscapes in the south of Sweden, for around 30min, and then I changed the batterie, and before flying I saw the SD card icon was red with exclamation mark the SD card was gone, so I...
  16. W

    The sky elevator

    Please let me know what you think about my new video ;-)
  17. ryantrax

    DJI Osmo Action Pricing Released and is Available Now

    The Pricing for the DJI Osmo Action was just what I expected it to be to stay competitive with GoPro. DJI says it will be shipping in 1 Business Day. I've got one ordered I'll report back with Pros and Cons when it arrives.
  18. T

    Dji phantom 3 SE battery problem (Pls help ;D)

    Hey folks, I lost my dpi phantom 3 charger on a trip. I didn't want to spend 70$ for a new charger so I decided to buy a car charger (photo). I plugged it in my car but it didn't charge (even when riding). I decided to buy a AC to DC adapter ( picture ) so the car charger could fit in the wall ...
  19. W

    Port-Grimaud France

    New video ! I hope that you will enjoy it ! Have a great week and fly safe !
  20. Kara Murphy

    Phantom 5 reportedly cancelled

    I hope these rumors are untrue but sources say DJI is putting the Phantom 5 on hold and going in another direction.