1. C

    Flight issue after crash P4P V2

    Hello everyone, after a crash in a tree no visible damage but issue with the camera/gimbal. See attached video Lot of vibrations in flight (I change propellers, full calibration with DJI assisant 2, firemware update, change Part 9 - Gimbal Vibration Absorbing Board Kit) and still camera shake...
  2. Z

    DJI PHANTOM 4 Pro + V2 & Phantom 4 Maintenance and Service Manual

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for maintenance manuals for my drones. In my country you are required to have a maintenance manual issued by the manufacturer. Thanks
  3. Florida Drone Supply

    FPV Remote 2 is back in stock NOW! 11-17-22

    FPV Remote 2 is back in stock. The DJI FPV Remote 2 for Avata and DJI FPV is now back in stock get them before they are gone!
  4. Donatas

    Le Bellot - Cruise Ship - Ponant. Iceland.

    Le Bellot - Cruise Ship - Ponant. Iceland.
  5. Donatas

    The high waterfall, is one of the Highest and also one of the most striking waterfalls in Iceland.

  6. bLaStErAiD

    SOLD Phantom 3 Pro for sale!

    Up for sale is my oldie but goodie phantom 3 pro, I have a newer drone so it's time to let this one go if anybody is interested. I have been a member of these forums for many years and have read about distance and interference problems over populated and city landscapes with this drone, but I...
  7. M

    Dji Phantom 3 Advanced GIMBAL MOTOR PROBLEMS

    Hello everybody, last year i had drone (DJI PHANTOM 3 ADVANCED) crash, my gimbal was broken and the flex cable damaged. Few days ago i tried to fix it (changed the flex cable, put the gimbal motors back together). After fixing and trying to start drone, gimbal won't function properly (example in...
  8. J

    Hello, Im new and my Brand new DJI Mini 2 flew away by itself!

    Hello everybody!! I am brand new here and am not even sure if this is what should be posted here but im so worried and have no other help.. So basically, to try and make this some what brief i will just add basics and HOPEFULLY whatever else is needed or can be useful someone could let...
  9. M

    Air 2s IS that a LIZARD? ?? Middle of NOWHERE | 5K Darwin [2021]

    Some say this painting was done thousands of years ago from a wanderer looking for water. Others say it was painted last week by Jonesy on his way back from the pub. [latitude: -13.658228] [longitude: 131.678178] Location on Google Maps: 13°39'29.6"S 131°40'41.4"E · National Highway 1...
  10. Wjm

    Ogoz Island - Switzerland

    The island of Ogoz is an island in the canton of Fribourg, on Lake Gruyère. It has ruined castles. When the waters of the lake are low, which is usually the case during the spring, the island becomes accessible by foot, so it becomes temporarily a peninsula.
  11. E

    DJI Spark takes better quality photos than phantom 3 advanced

    The specs say that the cameras are both 12mp and 1/2.3 inch sensors but for whatever reason my spark takes higher quality photos than my phantom advanced... does the type of SD card have anything to do with it? Or is it just that the spark is a newer model?
  12. T

    Urgent help. APP DJI disconnected

    Goodnight. I don't know if it is allowed here, but I WILL QUOTE A PROBLEM I am having with my ADVANCED Phantom 4. Without any previous problem, my Phantom 4 ADVANCED does not turn on the DJI GO 4 APP or the LITCH (original). The Control is connected to the DRONE, executes all commands, turns...
  13. DJI Drone in action flying above canadian winter

    DJI Drone in action flying above canadian winter

    If there were a video to be made of Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene part 20 master piece, it would look something like this. S'il y avait une vidéo à faire du chef-d'œuvre de Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene part 20, cela ressemblerait à quelque chose comme ça. * Filmed in the Lanaudiere region, Quebec, CANADA.
  14. Wjm

    Winter in Switzerland

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope that 2021 will be better for all of you!
  15. Wjm

    Oeschinensee Lake - Switzerland

    Oeschinen Lake is at the Jungfrau-Aletsch Unesco World Heritage Site. Situated at 1,578 meter Oeschinen Lake is one of the larger Alpine Lakes. The lake is surrounded by sheer cliffs streaked with waterfalls, glaciers, forests and pastures.
  16. Yooper

    Phantom 4 Pro (New)

    I have Brand New DJI Phantom 4 Pro for sale: I had this for sale earlier for $1300.00 but as of middle of July, the drone is totaled. It dropped from 100'. I decided to send it in to DJI to get a quote on replacing it. I am selling for $1000.00. They sent me the quote and I told them to go for...
  17. Wjm

    Switzerland - Rambert hut POV

    The hut is at the foot of the Grand Muveran summit in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. From the terrace, you can enjoy spectacular views of most of the over-4000-metre summits that form the Valais Alps, including Matterhorn, Combin, Mont Blanc and Dents du Midi. Ibexes will often keep you...
  18. D D S

    Drone Carry Backpack Only in $7.99

    Drone Carry Backpack Vest dji Mavic 2 Zoom Mavic Air Spark Mavic Pro Actual price is $9.99 forum price only in $7.99 with free shipping. DRONE CARRY BACKPACK VEST FOR DJI MAVIC 2 ZOOM/PRO, MAVIC AIR, SPARK, MAVIC PRO Just email or call us to get this discounted offer...
  19. M

    Satellite City BMX Club, Darwin, Australia

  20. Wjm

    Lac de Taney

    Aerial views of Taney lake that is an alpine lake dominated by Grammont and Rocher de La Tache, and surrounded by fragrant fir trees chalets and rocks.