1. E

    Standard Wifi 2.4 and 5.8 Upgrade/Mod - Possible issue or ?

    Hello everyone, To introduce myself I'm JP living in the Central Coast of California and have purchased my first phantom series drone, the P3 Standard about 2 months ago. It seems like there is alot of good ppl here and alot of knowledge so i hope some of you could shed some light on my...
  2. D

    keep losing signal!

    Hi everyone Im getting quite frustrated at my phantom 3 standard now. Took it out on first flight tuesday....connection lost after drone was at only 150 feet and only about 30 to 40 feet distance away! Today i couldnt even get it above 50 feet and it was losing signal and disconnecting from...
  3. D

    Standard am i doing this right?

    Hi all Id really appreciate your help...i flew my phantom 3 standard today for first time. Im very dissapointed with the video quality. It doesnt seem as clear as the videos ive seen on youtube. I download from the app to my phone and they are bad. I even tried downloading from the sd card to...
  4. K

    New Releases of P3 Standard w/2.7K & P3 4K

    Just received an advertisement from B&H Photo. They are selling a Phantom 3 Standard with 2.7K camera for $499 and the Phantom 3 4K for $899
  5. F

    Great sale at Amazon, took the plunge

    Well, after wavering and holding off, Adorama, thru Amazon had a standard with extra battery for $642. That did it for me. Should be here in a week or so. Looks like all the P3's are on sale.
  6. F

    Buying advice

    Looking for some input from standard owners. Planning on buying a phantom. Seriously considering the standard but I am a little nervous that I will have buyers remorse. Shying away from the advanced or the pro mainly because of price but I could do it if I stretched. Mainly interested in aerial...
  7. S

    P3 Standard rc signal lost, last firmware issue

    Hi! I read a lot of topic about this but nothing helped me. So i upgrade the firmware with no problems. In the end of the upgrading the app said restart my aircraft and controller. After that yellow led flashing in the drone and in the app shows "rc signal lost". I try to re link a lot of times...
  8. abobroff8

    Descending the P3 Standard from high up.

    I was flying my P3 a couple days ago and flew it up 334 feet. I started to descend and I took almost 2 minutes to get back, close to the ground. I was trying to lower it pretty quickly but I was scared if I lowered it to quickly it would start to go out of control or I would accidentally disarm...
  9. Mayank Chhabra

    Got my P3 Standard Today! First Impressions!

    Hello pilots! Finally got my P3S today after a lot of reading and I love it!! It's way more easier to fly than I thought. The takeoff and landing are super-easy and I never felt the need to use the auto takeoff/landing. However, I must note that this is my second drone and I used one of those...
  10. E

    pro/adv camera on standard

    Hi guys ! I'm new, i still buyed my phantom3 standard one week ago, but i had a big crash, and i broke my camera and gimbal ! I was thinking to buy an adv camera (2.7k), to put on my standard ! Do you think it will be compatible, it will work or not ? thank you so much ! :)
  11. S

    Very poor video quality on P3S

    I've had my P3S for two days. Flew it last night with little issue until it hit a small branch and the unit crashed. One "arm" of the gimbal mount broke but I was able to stabilize it with duct tape of all things until I get a new mount. Up to this point the video was ok but not great... I...
  12. Denzel

    Phantom 3 standard motor problem

    Have had this great product for 2 months now. Had only 1 crash, which was its first flight (2 months ago) with no extreme damage other than a few scratches on the body and not a single crash since then. The lower left motor sounds really agressive when pushing the left stick right, but when i...
  13. Freddie mckenzie

    Phantom 3 Pro/ADV motors

    Anyone know what type of motors are used in the Phantom 3 pro/adv whether they are like dji e310's or if they are different to those in the Phantom 2 Vision+ v3. They are different to those in the standard as can be observed by the appearance. Anyone know what motors are used in the standard...
  14. Nstrong48

    P3S Signal Booster Kit Specifally for Phantom 3 Standard

    Just hit Amazon the other day. I am new to this but been reading up on it a bit. Anyone familiar with their products? Anyone tried this one out yet?
  15. Nstrong48

    New Standard 1000M Range(Easily)

    All I see is poor range example so I just thought I would throw mine out there. I got mine about a week ago. I live in a smaller town(right int he middle of it) and from home I get about 300M range before my video feed starts to go out. This morning i took it out to the high school which...
  16. B

    Camera control help!

    Hello Guys. I am new to this forum and brought my first aircraft about 2 weeks ago (Phantom 3 Standard). This may be a very stupid question but I cannot seem to figure it out. How can i turn the camera to the left and right? I can make it go up and down with the gimbal dial and with the DJI GO...