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  1. T

    Lost P4 Pro - disconnected during flight and battery died. Any hope?

    Hi everyone, I have a very unfortunate situation with my Phantom 4 Pro. This evening I was flying it about 1000m (distance) and 300m (altitude) over a forest when it lost the connection to my remote and iPad (I had previously flown it much further without any connection issues). At the time, the...
  2. ferdz

    Return to Home using the S2 switch without the gimbal

    Hi, i just have a Phantom 3 Standard and broke the gimbal but it is still flying and the GPS positioning works, my question is will the RTH works by using the S2 switch method? since the RTH button not work on the app.
  3. W

    Return to Home reversed the route it took

    I was flying round my local village and decided to look for a friend of mine, I flew to the local pub to see if his car was there but it wasn't so I headed for his house, unfortunately I lost signal and RTH was initiated, I watched my monitor till I started to get video back and quickly realised...
  4. Imf44

    RTH Not landing where its supposed to land

    Hi Im new here, i recently got a P3S and when i went to my friend's house i, as usual, set the RTH Position, i flew for like 15mins,When i started RTH ,but it slowly started to get away from me,i was looking to where the drone is going and i saw it was going to my house. Any suggestions? -Total...
  5. Green Phantom

    Return To Home Test

  6. R

    Return to Home Fails on my LEMON 4 PRO

    Although I am a decent Mavic Pilot, my newly acquired Phantom 4 Pro has been a bi9g headache. This time, RTH is not working. Scenario: 1) get setup 2) launch 3) get a GPS lock, acquire home point 4) fly away 4) activate RTH 5) it does not return to the home point, and usually starts trying to...
  7. M

    Lost contact / Return to Home

    I've been flying a Phantom 2 for theee years. I'm on my second one. For the first time ever yesterday afternoon, while flying at a spot I've flown many phantom all of a sudden lost contact with the remote. It began blinking yellow, initiating RTH. It flew back to its correct take off...
  8. Ckcampbell248

    I had my first heart-stopping moment (and I made it through)

    TL;DR - Lost signal and my drone returned to home but I wasn't there. Had to go back to my point of origin to recover. Found it and all is well. Skip to the end for my questions. For the whole story, read on. This weekend my family and I participated in a local walk for charity. One of the...
  9. C

    Phantom 4 - Litchi - Return to Home

    Today I was using the latest iOS Litchi app with my Phantom 4. I had the drone run a pre-planned mission with about 20 waypoints. It got almost half way through and then it just stopped, turned, and flew directly back home. The status bar at the top on the Litch app turned from green to blue and...
  10. D

    New Project using Phantom 3

    Hi, I am new to drones and here is what I want to do: I want to do a POC for a retail company - that a package to be connected as payload to the drone by a store employee & he/she should be able to feed in the destination address in the drone. The drone delivers the payload in the destination...
  11. B

    Any way to disable / override airspace failsafe geofencing?

    The current Phantom 2 firmware includes a function that automatically initiates a failsafe return-to-home when the GPS senses the Phantom is in controlled airspace (i.e., near an airport) and the craft climbs above a certain altitude (I think about 100 feet). Problem is, there are lots of cases...
  12. J

    Return to Home Issue

    I'm still beginner and am in a testing phase. I took off and flew away around 50 meters from the starting point (home) at around 10 meters of elevation and hit the RTH button. RTH was initiated. My P4 raised up to 20 meters (this elevation was configured for RTH) and landed in the ground point...
  13. Skyler King III

    When flying a Litchi Mission in P4P+ and you lose signal...

    When flying a Litchi Mission in P4P+ and you lose signal, and you have sufficient battery and you have enable return to home on loss of signal, when flying the Litchi Mission and you lose signal, will it continue mission or will it stop and RTH ?
  14. W

    P3S lost signal, but RTH doesn't seem to kick in.

    I am relatively new and basically flew just a bit out of range. Actually I live in the Appalachian Mountains and I just flew around a stand of trees where I was just out of sight. Anyway, I lost signal and it seemed like it was just hoovering so I pressed the RTH button on the app. I got a...
  15. Sevyn13

    Cancel RTH Quickly

    So a friend came over and wanted to see me fly my drone. I told him the battery was charging but it was probably enough to just hover around for a few minutes. Anyway that's what I did. I did not hear it say it was initiating RTS, possibly cause of the noise from the drone being so close. There...
  16. R

    Max Altitude Exceeded on RTH

    Hi everyone, First-time poster and new (received November 30th) Phantom 4 Pro owner here. Several days ago, I experienced some unexpected behavior from the drone when I attempted to RTH, and I was hoping someone might be able to help me figure out what happened so I can prevent it from...
  17. G

    Can it return to home if "home" is inside?

    Hello, I understand that the Mavic can be flown inside relatively safely. It can even return to "home", even though there is no GPS signal inside, because it recognizes the optical features of "home". I have several questions related to this. What if the "home" location is not within one...
  18. wlkngmachine

    No Cell Service?

    Sorry if this question is redundant. If I'm out in the middle of nowhere with no cell service, will my phone still record a new gps home point? Will return to home still work? And finally, do I need to cache my maps beforehand? If so, how does one do that on an iphone? Thanks!
  19. Drestin Black

    How close are your home point landings?

    A bit of a poll, how close does your return to home bring your P4? I'll have 12+ satellites locked in and manually reset the Home point and off she goes, flys a bit and then I do a Return to Home. I've had it come down 30 feet away - wtf! It can hover with such accuracy, go to way points...
  20. G

    gps lost will it still return home

    Ok so if I have good gps on take off but when flying phantom loses gps signal will it still return to home I own a p3s.