1. jephoto

    wrong number of battery cells in flight record P3P

    https://www.phantomhelp.com/LogViewer/11HB1LGJZ42NZB1AL0P2/ Testing out my 2- P3P'a to get ready for sale. I looked at flight records from yesterday and 2 of them showed a whole column of red 0.00v deviation on Cell # 5, and a huge number in Cell 6- 32.770v. But I think the P3P batteries only...
  2. jephoto

    How to access flight logs P3P and iPad w/ iOS 12.5?

    And is it even possible? As I lost my P4Pp last week, I have pulled out my 2 trusty P3P's to do some test runs and get ready for sale. I use an older iPad Mini 3 still on Mac iOS 12.5. Never updated as later iOS's pulled too much processing power from the iPad. This still works fine for the P3P...
  3. Avocet

    Bath Maine at BIW on the Kennebec and Pleasant Cove

    Just a quick P3P dust off of a near by water feature. Quick jump over to the DOD projects. ;) P3P shot at 4K, 16 ND Filter ,Manual Settings: D-log -1, -2, -1, 5600 whitespace, color corrected and edited using FCPX 10.6 on a MacBook Air M1 - Monterey Don't forget to visit Kestrel Solutions...
  4. V

    P3 Firmware P3P not saving data after firmware update

    Greetings, I have been an owner of a Phantom 3 Pro for about 2-3 years and I have been very satisfied with it so far. I decided to update the drone firmware because I was getting annoyed of the notification in the DJI GO app saying my firmware is outdated and that I needed to update it. I...
  5. K

    Professional P3P-Gimbal Pitch Motor Bad?

    Crashed and repaired my P3Pro; replaced gimbal ribbon cable and reset the roll motor shaft. Only apparent remaining problem is: The RC gimbal dial does not actuate the camera's tilt. Tried the following: 1. No response from the RC gimbal dial. 2. No response from setting the GO app C2...
  6. J

    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 Pro beeping (DD-DD)

    I have downloaded P3X_FW_V01.11.0020.bin from DJI's phantom 3 pro downloads website and plugged it in to my Phantom 3 Professional (following this guide from phantomhelp) if i plug in a new microsd card with nothing on it the gimbal status light is green but the RC (GL300A) would not connect to...
  7. O

    Phantom 3 Professional Excellent Condition

    I have an excellent condition P3P, it could pass for new there is not a scratch on it. Never crashed and functions perfectly. It also has a very good range, I have had other P3 and P4 that usually started to lose signal around 1.5 miles where I usually fly, this one makes it past 2 miles with...
  8. M

    No Liveview - Broken component on Mainboard - Black covered piece (Crystal/ Quratz?)

    Hello everyone QUESTIONs: What is the broken Part? Where can I find the replacement part? Context and background information: Last year I crashed my P3P into a tree... My gimbal broke into pieces and I had to repair it. The Drone works again, can fly, has a functional gimbal and can record...
  9. C

    Professional P3P Firmware Installation Problems

    Good evening all. I finally bit the bullet, and traded my 7-year old Phantom for a factory-refurbished P3P. By now, I have spent many days trying to get copter, remote, and batteries to update, but to no avail. I'm using the DJI Go app, version 3.1.52 (downloaded beginning April 2019), and have...
  10. A

    Another crashed P3P

    Hello all, Today I am writing, because my friend (let's called him Capt. Sully) crashed his P3P into a tree. The reason I am writing this thread, is because I would like input from you guys on which parts should be replaced or keep an eye on in case they are damaged but aren't visible. We want...
  11. B

    Broken OFDM v2 SMD replacement

    I had ordered an OFDM v2 on ebay but one smd is missing. I wonder if somebody can tell me which smd I need to buy or if is there a way to measure what smd has been there. I would really appreciate your help.
  12. C

    Phantom 3 gear (backpack, remote, batteries, etc.) Everything but the drone! $390

    Selling a whole set of used gear for the Phantom 3 Professional--hardshell backpack, remote control, 3 batteries, 3 propeller sets, power adapter and other replacement pieces. It's everything but the drone (which I crashed into a river)! See the list below for descriptions and additional...
  13. B

    Professional Advice for recovery after an ocean swim

    Hi guys, apologies if you're sick of these posts but I would love some advice. After having my P3P for three years, today I crashed her for the first time while on the Greek island of Milos. While on a boat trip, I crashed into some huge rocks that come out of the ocean, it tumbled down a couple...
  14. N

    SOLD Phantom 3 Advanced + DJI Backpack

    Used for just over a year. In great shape. Never any issues and never any crashes or hard landings. No cracks, scratches or dings. Flies great. The gimbal wheel in the RC is not working. Ready to fly. Includes the following: Phantom 3 Advanced (2.7k) 16GB SD Card Batteries x 1 OEM Charger (Not...
  15. G

    Advanced "motor obstructed" error even with known good motor

    Hello everyone ! I've just bought my first drone last week, a P3A that seems to have been in a crash because the gimbal was completely broken in pieces, but the seller gave me a new spare one that i mounted and its working great. the seller told me that I just had to resolder 2 motors but it...
  16. H

    Professional LB2 module with P3P

    I purchased a Lightbridge 2 control system for my custom quad and had to replace the output module with an M600 channel expansion kit module. My question is...should the output module from the LB2 transmitter work on the P3P controller as an HDMI module?
  17. B

    Automated Circle with Perfect 10° Waypoints for Still Photos?

    Hey All. Thank you in advance for all of your experienced info. QUESTION: For still photography, is there a way to create a perfect circle of a specified radius in any app for the Phantom 3 Pro (Litchi Mission Hub, Kittyhawk, etc.) radiating out from a central point of interest, with automatic...
  18. B

    Cannot link p3p to remote

    I bought a second hand dji phantom 3 pro and when i turn the rc on it glows with red light. When i try to link the rc to the drone my phone says "remote controller signal weak" but i can put the rc into link mode. However my p3p just blinks 2 green and does nothing when i press the button on the...
  19. jp_flkeys

    Unlocking Issues

    I'm having a intermittent unlocking problem & hope someone can help or shed some light on what might be going on. I am a real estate photographer & do real estate photography in the Florida Keys. Aerials are a big thing here, water & views everywhere you look. I work the lower Keys outside of...
  20. G

    P3P RC Always Poor Signal

    Hello! So i don't know what is going on with my P3P. Hope to get some help here. I can't fly it for more than 200' because i loose communications with he drone. Every time i check i get RC Poor signal even next to the drone.. Any advice on what i can check to fix this issues?