How to access flight logs P3P and iPad w/ iOS 12.5?

Jun 15, 2015
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And is it even possible?
As I lost my P4Pp last week, I have pulled out my 2 trusty P3P's to do some test runs and get ready for sale.
I use an older iPad Mini 3 still on Mac iOS 12.5. Never updated as later iOS's pulled too much processing power from the iPad.
This still works fine for the P3P. Did a test flight this morning on one of them.

BUT - I'm having a problem finding the Flight Logs.
I cannot figure out where to access them.
On my newer iPad 16" with Catalina its very easy to locate the folder, but not this one...

Right now I am connected (iPad to computer) to my Mac Pro trashcan. Also on an older OS- Sierra or 10.12.6
The iPad shows up in iTunes and I can back it up, but I don't see "Files" anywhere.

Does anyone know how to access the files in DJI Go with this older system so I can copy the Flight Logs folder??

I figured it out. I synchronized the new flight logs to my account, then opened the new(er) iPad 16" and Synchronized the flight records again and added the new flights to the current iPad.
Which then I was easily able to find the folder and copy it to my desktop.
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How did you do that - and why did it show 6 cells?
How did I do what?
Sorry. I was replying to the post that I thought you had done about my phantom three erroneously showing six cells in a battery.

That’s what happens when you are multi posting…

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