1. Neil Mathew

    Anyone done any Aerial Inspection work here ?

    Hey guys, I had a couple of questions about aerial inspection with drones, especially close to infrastructure like buildings, bridges etc and I was wondering if anyone here has done work like that in the past. Just want to learn a bit abut the area. Let me know.
  2. N

    Lithium Polymer Problems

    Hi all! I am sick of using lithium polymer batteries lately. After using a battery for one month, it discharges faster then before. Also, while recharging it, I need to stay close to it for safety reasons (overheat, overcharge, explosions: as recommended on many blogs). And finally, each time...
  3. M

    WP: FAA- Now More Registered UAV Aircraft than Registered Manned Aircraft

    The following article was found in this morning's Washington Post print edition and online: FAA: More registered drone operators than registered planes The Federal Aviation Administration says there are now more registered drone operators in the United States than there are registered manned...
  4. C

    Hi from the Southern Hemisphere

    Hi Folks, Just an introduction from me - I'm a proud owner of a now 'retro' P2. But I've flown the P1, P3, I1, S900 and 3DR Solo also but do not own them. I have experience in other forms of RC too including boats, planes, helicopters and cars. When I first got into the 'drone' world, there...
  5. S

    Wireless charging pad for dji would help?

    Ola pilots, I started working with few crazy friends on a wireless charging pad for drones. Today our startup is called Skysene Last year we shipped the first units and most our pilot customers are corporations. Since we started with the dream of fully autonomous drones, I'm curious to see if...
  6. T

    Check out Hover, the must have app for drone pilots!

    Hey guys, If you don’t already have your “go-to” mobile app for no-fly zones, flight logs, news, or weather, I encourage you to check out Hover. Available for free on iOS and Android, it provides all the tools you need to navigate the airspace safely and legally. Over 42,000 recreational and...
  7. F

    FAA tells local and state governments not to pass UAS laws

    http://www.faa.gov/uas/regulations_policies/media/UAS_Fact_Sheet_Final.pdf "Because Federal registration is the exclusive means for registering UAS for purposes of operating an aircraft in navigable airspace, no state or local government may impose an additional registration requirement on the...
  8. G

    Study project about airbags for drones - thoughts?

    Hi guys! We are a group of six people who, in the context of a university project, are developing a business idea that has to be related to drones. We are studying on the Technical/Engineering faculty University of Southern Denmark, and the course is called “Experts in Teams”, and is a semester...
  9. D


    Hi All, www.jobs4drones.com is launched, up and running... Some of the main features: 1) Get direct contact from potential customers, without any referral fee! 2) Display pictures and YouTube videos 3) A professional pilot profile that includes your contact and business details 4) The...
  10. NorthcountySD

    Christmas is coming.. looking for advice on a gift

    I have owned both the Phantom Vision 2 + and now a very happy owner of the Phantom P3P. Love the technology and the ability to take such great videos. But.... I'm not willing to let my kids "play" with it till they get a little experience. I have seen a few posts on drones that have the same...
  11. R

    XT Flyer "crashproof" drone now on KS

    Hello again everyone! If you remember the XT Flyer drone I talked about some time ago on here, it turns out the company making them is stepping up their game. They just started a Kickstarter a few days ago and seem to have some of a following on social media. Anyone thinking about getting their...
  12. O

    Help with a survey.

    Hi guys , I'm a student of engineering and I'm making some surveys for one of my school subjects. It would be grate if you could help me answering it, it's about your experience as owners of UAVs. https://docs.google.com/a/consultan...x-aYKTOhjxW8n_jc/viewform?edit_requested=true Thanks.
  13. clackey

    The future of drones means drones combined with anything

    This is from the InterDrone keynote yesterday by Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics “Time and time [again], the transformative changes are not the technology; it is who uses the technology,” he said. “[We are] putting powerful tools in the hands of regular people; that is what we are doing with...