1. impurenergy

    Carbon Fibre Props VS Plastic

    I have recently been testing the variables between Carbon Fiber props and Plastic props. I have come to the conclusion that the Carbon Fiber props are better for experienced users. I am just looking for other peoples opinions and possibly some recommendations for good CF props. I am using this...
  2. C


    Here is a link to my new video with some videos i shot with DJI SPARK. I hope that you guys will give me a comment.
  3. impurenergy

    Stadium footage and pics preparing for the Asian Games 2018

    Beautiful sports complex thats under renovations for the upcoming 2018 Asian Games. Any feedback on the videos and pics is greatly welcomed. Really enjoying this forum as of late. Its really helping me to up my game. Gelora Bung Karno Stadium 2018 Asian Games (With Video)
  4. R

    Drone Laws State, National and International 2017

    I was looking for Virginia drone laws and came across this site. I looked here to see if it has been posted and saw no direct reference to it, so hope I am not repeating info. Site: Helping Individuals and Businesses Navigate Drone Law Overview: Ultimate Guide to Drone Laws from a Lawyer & Pilot...
  5. Alex Assenmacher

    Three years using DJI products

    Hi guys, I'm back here :), I've done a short sum up of my experiences with all DJI products. Do you agree with what I say? Hehe hope you like the video! thanks for watching
  6. Green Phantom

    Scary Drone Video

    so went for something totally different to the norm ha, and made this latest mini vid have a spooky theme/feel. This was using the very first footage i ever took with the drone and i did nothing with it. Anyways let me know what you think :)
  7. AirVūz

    Drone Delivers Cookies to Famous Chef Andrew Zimmern

    When a world-renown chef and food critic needs a cookie, he gets a cookie. Our story starts at the Minnesota State Fair, where millions gather at the end of every summer for rides, shows, and some of the best ‘fair food’ the world has to offer. Chef Andrew Zimmern has been busy traveling the...
  8. tml4191

    U.S. Army Can Now Shoot Trespassing Drones

    The U.S. Army Can Now Shoot Down Trespassing Drones - WeTalkUAV
  9. AirVūz

    North Dakota - Silicon Valley of Drones

    AirVūz News made it up to Grand Forks, North Dakota to cover the UTM development work that local companies were collaborating with NASA on, you can find that story HERE. What we ended up learning, aside from the interesting elements of what goes into developing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic...
  10. AirVūz

    Fly Over Salineras de Maras, Peru

    AirVūz Productions stopped by Salineras de Maras during our time in Peru this summer. Check out some of the footage we gathered. Salineras de Maras is located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, 40 kilometers north of Cuzco. It's known for its salt evaporation ponds which have been in use since...
  11. AirVūz

    Interview w/ Ronny Brouwers of DroneHeroes

    Here is an episode of The Drone Dish with one of the best drone videographers/photographers in the world - Ronny Brouwers of DroneHeroes. As one of the first Instagram users to upload aerial content, Ronny has made a name for himself as both a curator and creator of high-quality drone...
  12. Drone Camera Films

    Marketing new and existing UAV/Drone businesses

    Hello, I've not posted here in a long while. I gained my PfAW in 2014 in the UK (now called a PfCO) and started an aerial photography business in my spare time. I couldn't give the business the time it needed to grow so sold it but I retain an interest with a couple of websites that promote...
  13. jaseman007

    British Columbia - Canada

    Just wanted to share our short film from a recent trip to Canada. If you like the film please give us a like and subscribe to our channel. Trying to hit the 100 subs mark. Anyways - enjoy!
  14. Drone Analyst

    Take Short Survey and Enter to Win a Free DJI Spark Drone

    We have put together an important survey that'll help shed some light on what's happening in the commercial drone industry. I’ve written about the survey over here. It takes about 7-8 minutes to get through, and all participants are given the chance to win a DJI Spark or one of two $100 gift...
  15. B

    Australia Senators Call For A Freeze on Drone Sales.

    We live in a tumultuous time. As Isis has released a number of videos using drones for their attacks, the Australia Government has called for a possible ban on sale of drones. There are many concerns out there for individual safety. Many of those attacks include ordinary items such as trucks...
  16. We Talk UAV

    FAA Drone Registeration Relaxation

    A victory for drone hobbiests everywhere. An appeals court has struck down an FAA ruling that would of required for hobbyist and enthusist to register their drones. The FAA has long been concerned about the safety aspects of flying a drone as many professional pilots complained about a few...
  17. J


    Hope everyone enjoys!
  18. AirVūz

    Take a tour of Salt Lake City from the Sky

    Take an exciting aerial tour with my friends from Droning America in their latest adventure, as they visit Salt Lake City, Utah from the sky. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  19. AirVūz

    Story on Drones Capturing Blue Whales Feeding

    Great story on how a researcher used his Phantom's 3 and 4 to capture some incredible footage of the world's largest animal in the world, the Blue Whale, feeding off the coast of New Zealand (but studied at Oregon State). Anyway enough of me rambling, it is a cool story that you'll wanna check...
  20. B

    Car Manufacturer Nissan and Parrot Drones-Unlikely Team

    Nissan car company has been whistling A Little Help from My Friends lately with an offering of its 4 X 4, the x-Trail X-Scape and (you guess it) a drone. The drone company, Parrot is part of this offering. But that is only the beginning of this unlikely friendship. Has off roading really hit a...