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Jan 24, 2014
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I am an active hobbyist and have accumulated a ton of stuff over the past 20 years. I am moving in the next month and had my brother in law create a website with all my stuff.

i still have left a few phantoms which i can sell cheap, these are older ones but the Phantom 2 is nicely upgraded with lightbridge and other upgrades.

I have the S1000 also for sale. An Inspire, Tarot 650

I listed all my stuff on my website Steve hobby .com.

This is not a business at all, its all my personal stuff.

My brother in law tried to make the sight easy by allowing you to put a price that you want to pay and then he will be notified and let you know if the price is acceptable.
Thanks for asking , but , sorry i dont have any more P3,, I have a couple P2 and one Phantom 2 that has lightbridge if you are familiar with this set up its pretty awesome, not for entry level person just getting into the drones but its pretty cool.

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