1. Undertow

    Buying crashed Phantom 4 pro drone only with or without gimbal

    Trying to resurrect my Frankenstein! Who has one collecting dust?
  2. S

    Bad night my Drone Phantom 3 crashed :(

    Tonight I went out with my boyfriend to fly drone. All was fine until it went nuts and we couldn't control it. I tried to make it come back to me but nothing worked and it took off on its own and crashed into the woods. We had to go and search the woods thank God the GPS on the phone showed...
  3. M

    Phantom 3 Pro Crashed- Help!

    Can anyone here help with advice! I had a prop come loose and my drone crashed from about 100m up. It fell onto relatively soft ground the body looks OK but the camera and gimbal smashed (couldnt find the camera). When I start the drone up it beeps loudly but connects to the controller. The...
  4. John Bollinger

    Help i've fallen and cant take off!!!

    Hello Ladies and Gents, I am looking for advice from you all. I was flying this morning and videoing for a local church youth group. I had received a low battery warning and was taking my P3S away from the group to land when a gust of wind on what had been a calm day blew my drone into the...
  5. A

    Full Signal No GPS After Crash

    I've got a phantom 3 standard that is having a GPS problem. First the details, the drone has crashed. It was about 20 feet up and I got too close to a tree and it came tumbling down onto gravel. No damaged parts on the outside, however the battery came out, easy fix. After that I hadn't flown in...
  6. K

    Found Phantom 4

    Hi, so I found this drone crashed outside my house a couple of months ago, no one has come looking for it. I live in Boulder Co on Pearl St. and the model No. is PH4-5350mAh-15.2V. Don't know if that means anything. If it's yours let me know and please be honest.
  7. K

    Selling phantom 4

    so this thing crashed in my yard a month ago and no one has claimed it so I am selling it. It’s kinda messed up, it powers on but idk if it works cuz I don’t have a controller. These things are selling for upwards of 100 so I guess that’s the minimum bid. idk how this stuff works just let me know!
  8. C

    Linking my remote to a new drone

    After a tragic incident last year I lost contact with my Phantom 3 4k when I was flying it over water and it sunk to the bottom of the sea. I was thinking of buying another one, but I still have the remote and extra blades. Therefore I want to buy only the aircraft. Before I buy it, I just want...
  9. Winterstorm1967

    Hello from Ozarks!

    I have owned several types of drones. Some where fast some where cheap but they got me interested in flying more. I have now owned 3 Phantom 3's and I have had great experiences with all of them except the third but I think I gambled and lost. I would like to post or something what I experienced...
  10. R

    Prop motors not working

    I recently crashed my phantom 3 standard, i broke the camera arm. I replaced the parts including the camera ribbon cable turned it on and when it turns on how its suppose to do the prop motion, well on to props move. I turned on the auto flight and only 2 motors are turning. Can some one help me...
  11. D

    Crashed P 3 P

    Crashed my drone. Need to get a case number from DJI but their forums are all but impossible. How do I get a case number? When and where do I send. How do I communicated the issues to get an idea if it is repairable or if it is done and buy another?
  12. owen35

    Found Crashed Drone.

    Recently, my Brother in law was out hunting with a group of friends and they came across a crashed drone. Believing it was the as mine, he brought it to me to see if I wanted it. The body has one bent arm, and all of the motors are seized up. It has a gimble that I assume was made for a...
  13. jcommisso

    Just Crashed My P4

    Hi everyone, Tonight I was filming my Christmas lights with my P4 to enter them in a contest. While doing a rise/camera pan down, I went too high and crashed into a tree. The drone tried to stabilize itself, and it was rocking back and forth as it was falling. No visible physical damage, but...
  14. B

    Crashed Phantom 3 Pro for parts

    I have a crashed Phantom 3 Professional that I was trying to fix but decided to part it out. It has the newer mainboard and I replaced one of the 2312A motors but was still getting the ESC warning error. Drone connects to DJI Go, gets GPS signals, vision positioning system seems to be working...
  15. A

    Crashed Phantom 4 on City Hall / Zamosc Travel Vlog

    Hi Guys I like to show you my video from my city. Do I crashed the drone? Have a look :D
  16. A

    Can't decide!

    I crashed my phantom 3 standard drone and sent it to be inspected/quoted. Gimbal was beyond repair and main board has transmitter damage preventing it from connecting to the DJI pilot app. All in all I'm better off buying a new drone. The inspection place charges a shipping fee to recover my...
  17. JaredReabow

    Buying Broken or Damaged gimbles and drones.

    IF you have a broken or damaged gimble or drone and want it fixed or want to get rid of it. I will buy them off you or fix them for you. I have done some seriously tricky repairs in the past fixing boards DJi would throw away. so if you have a broken gimble, even if is completely totaled...
  18. C

    Phantom 4 Drifting and Crashed

    Hi, I'm having some problems with my Phantom 4 drifting. The last time I flew it it was drifting around which is very strange because it typicaly was so stable and solid. Today I calibrated the compass and set the home base on my garage pad where I have flown several times before without any...
  19. Scepterr

    WTB Crashed Water Damaged Phantom 3

    Hey guys, post pics and details of your downed drones and what you want for it. The more pictures and information the better. I'm also interested in broken remotes, batteries and chargers. I'm looking for mainly P3A,P,4K but will consider P3S and P4.
  20. BartiriX

    Crashed P3A and now have exterior damage. Will it affect flight?

    Hey there everyone, Today I was trying something new and at one point I failed to pay proper attention to how the drone was rotated. As such I moved my joystick left instead of right and crashed into a wall, resulting in my drone to hit the ground (where I used the CSC to prevent it from trying...