Your first drone video, (Post the first drone video you ever made)

Oct 6, 2016
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I thought it would be interesting to see everyone's first drone video.
So if you are not too embarrassed it would be nice if you could link your first one.

Lets see how long this goes,
Milan Heal
Here is my first video, but they are not from my first flight.
Hope you enjoy,
Shot with a Phantom 3 Advaced
This is the first one I published. I made it out of the first videos I shot with my P3A...

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My very first video with the P4. I'd like to hear honest opinions. It was definitely a learning experience.

The video was so long a lot of it was sped up x2 in post process so the panning is a bit jumpy, and it was hella windy in the canyon. The music was just random stuff I had to fit the vid length. Not the greatest but it fit.

Apologize for the lengthy vid. I was having so much fun I lost track of time. 9 hours including travel between shots, shoot time, post process.

Sorry for the multiple posts, I just found this thread and it seems more appropriate. I'll take down the others if I can find them.

Thanks all.

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Assembled from first few flights of P4, my first drone ever! Also, the video was made from the video from the device and not from SD card from drone. Still in the process of learning video editing on PC.

Dji Phantom 4 at Grayson Lake HD:

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