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  1. B

    Switzer Bridge

    Here is a video of a local covered bridge using a Phantom 4 Pro. I would love to hear some feedback.
  2. D

    real time

    5:05 - 6:54 UFO
  3. BlazeAir

    Discover Norway

    Hi all! To be honest, I haven't been on Phantom Pilots in a while, but I feel that sharing this Discover Norway film is the perfect post to start getting back at it. Discover Norway is quite possibly the best overall drone film I have ever seen. I am also sharing it around because a couple of...
  4. M

    Cash Awarded Weekly for Best Drone Videos

    Thought folks would like to know about a new weekly contest where $1000 is awarded for the best drone video uploaded to AirVuz during the week. Here is a link: Airvūz - Win $1k: Drone Video of the Week
  5. Backwoods Beast

    Hello to You!!

    So, I am new here so I thought I would post a video right away. I am loving the new drone community that I am rapidly learning and becoming a part of. I have to say drone piloting is one of the most fun and fulfilling things ive ever done with my life and it gives whole new perspectives on my...
  6. furthertofly

    Flying Through Fantasy Canyon

    Decided to get down inside this tricky little spot in eastern Utah and get some close-ups without destroying my P4P+. A few sweaty-palm moments, for sure, but it worked out okay.
  7. furthertofly

    Nervous Time in Fantasy Canyon.

    An amazing place to fly -- but the nervous tension speaks for itself....
  8. furthertofly

    Happy Landing -- Fantasy Canyon, Utah

  9. OmniDrone Aerial

    OmniDrone Aerial Presents: A Collection of Epic Drone Video

    Hope you guys like it and if you do, show some love! Enjoy
  10. AirVūz

    Interview w/ Ronny Brouwers of DroneHeroes

    Here is an episode of The Drone Dish with one of the best drone videographers/photographers in the world - Ronny Brouwers of DroneHeroes. As one of the first Instagram users to upload aerial content, Ronny has made a name for himself as both a curator and creator of high-quality drone...
  11. L

    P4 pullback shot that you haven't seen yet - A must learn

    Hello guys just sharing my video here. Hope you like it. Thank you. 1st video: 2nd video in the same place with small tutorial:
  12. M

    Snowy Valley in New York

    Something i did this winter. If you like the video come check out more at my channel: Mike Panio
  13. AirVūz

    Story on Drones Capturing Blue Whales Feeding

    Great story on how a researcher used his Phantom's 3 and 4 to capture some incredible footage of the world's largest animal in the world, the Blue Whale, feeding off the coast of New Zealand (but studied at Oregon State). Anyway enough of me rambling, it is a cool story that you'll wanna check...
  14. AirVūz

    Drone Super Ball

    I have seen the Minneapolis skyline many ways, but this is a new one. Check out this "AirVūz Super Ball" production and let me know what you think. I am guessing those pilots (and production team) had a fun time with this one. Check it out here: Drone Super Ball
  15. MassDrone

    ABC News reposted my Phantom video!

    This morning, after a typical New England snowstorm, I took my P3S up for a few flights around my neighborhood while the snow was still sticking to the branches. I edited a short video and posted it here on PhantomPilots, on another drone site, and on my Facebook page. On my FB page I got a...
  16. P

    Flying over Clearwater Beach, FL

    Flight over Clearwater Beach, FL
  17. M

    Your first drone video, (Post the first drone video you ever made)

    I thought it would be interesting to see everyone's first drone video. So if you are not too embarrassed it would be nice if you could link your first one. Lets see how long this goes, Milan Heal
  18. M

    Just made my first ever Drone Video!

    Hey Everyone, i have just started my channel and recently uploaded my first drone video.(Shot with a phantom 3 advanced in Corfu) Would really appreciate if you would watch it & subscribe! Constructive criticism would be welcome, and any tips on how to improve. My youtube channel is Milan...
  19. Q

    Over Water

    I took the following video on my 3rd flight with my Phantom 2, and this was only my 3rd flight with any remote control aircraft. The heart did a bit of a race when I was about 600 feet at around 300 ft elevation and this beeping started. Took a few moment to realize I was running out of battery...