video editing

  1. A

    Need help with an editing "Transition"

    Hi im new here and also an amateur dji phantom 3 pilot but im trying to get into it a little more. I am wanting to know if this type of edit would be possible or is it really difficult. I am trying to transition smoothly into a go pro's footage from a dji. I know it sounds crazy but this video...
  2. tml4191

    How Do You Edit HEVC / H.265 Files Smoothly?

    I've found that vegas 14 lags when handling HEVC /h.265 files from my p4a, but it's fine with h.264 files regardless of mp4 or mov formats. If I were to convert my h.265 footage for easier editing, what's a recommended converter? I'd still be looking to color correct my footage though. For the...
  3. GadgetGuy

    Blending Jump Cuts, Seeking Best Options After 4K60 Video Glitch Removal

    Blending Jump Cuts, Seeking Best Options After 4K60 Video Glitch Removal Since it appears that the P4P 4K 60 video glitches lasting 4-30 frames are here to stay (DJI engineers confirmed this week that still they have no FW fix or hardware fix available, after 8 months of trying), what are the...
  4. N

    I'm writing an overview of video editing software used by DJI drone owners. Willing to contribute?

    Hey guys, I'm working on an article about video editing software used by DJI drone owners. I hope it's not too bold to ask for a little bit of contribution here. I'm trying to understand, what parameters are the most important when choosing video editing software, and if there is anything...
  5. B

    Easy Beginner Video Editing

    Looking for suggestions for a good easy video editing software. I am running windows 10. I know there are really expensive nice ones out there that most of you use, but im looking only for something easy and user friendly to dabble around with. If its something I really enjoy as much as I think...
  6. E

    Does anyone host their own website/videos?

    I recently found it necessary to purchase some server space to host interactive panoramas. I've tried uploading some of my videos and viewing them, but if I encode at 1080 29.97 I have major buffering issues. A 720P video plays fine, but loses resolution. Does anyone host their videos outside of...
  7. P

    DJI P3 2.7K - Dallas TX - Lake Cliff Park - Finally Fixed Premiere Export Settings (I'm New!)

    I finally fixed the export settings on Adobe Premiere so that my video isn't potato quality! It still isn't perfect but I am learning! Please any feedback is very welcome!
  8. DronePilotOne

    4K video - and then what?

    So you come home with superb video, shot with the ultimate ISO, FPS, and shutter speed settings, having used the optimal filters...and now you want yo transfer and edit your genius aerial recordings in 4K. Only...your hardware doesn't do 4K, so now you either have to convert to a less desirable...
  9. We Talk UAV

    Dronelapse Photography: Why Editing matters

    There is an art to editing and an art to aerial drone video production. Anyone who gets serious about this will tell you that point. For me, anything I can soak up about how to get a better quality shot I am all for. Which brings us to the latest: Drone Lapse photography. Really, drone lapse...
  10. Carl1770

    P4 Video Destroyed by App!

    Good Morning I'm not sure if I posted this correctly a few days ago, wrong location etc. So I'm interested to know if other P4 users are having similar problems with their videos? Great video output from P4 - destroyed in App! Any comments or suggestions appreciated guys!
  11. D.Bennett

    Construction Site Progress Shoot ???

    Is there anyone here that has flown construction sites for site progress photography/videography? I'm wondering if you would share a few things: - Price range to charge? - Contract or No Contract? If so, what are the terms? ex. How often are the updates required? (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) -...
  12. tml4191

    Powerdirector 15 PD15 Lens Correction Problem

    How do I fix this? It's more prominent on a 4k tv, but you can still see the circular color banding in the sky. Link:
  13. tml4191

    Who else uses Powerdirector 15

    This is great for editing, but after using the lens correct to straighten out my 4k footage shot on a p3p, the video seems to pick up some color banding. I was using the dji osmo lens profile for lens correction because the p3 advanced doesn't do the horizon any justice.
  14. M

    Your first drone video, (Post the first drone video you ever made)

    I thought it would be interesting to see everyone's first drone video. So if you are not too embarrassed it would be nice if you could link your first one. Lets see how long this goes, Milan Heal
  15. T

    Dji go app problem

    Okay so my buddy has a phantom 3 and when he records videos and tries to edit them on the dji go app. It won't allow the save option. It just allows him to choose cancel or next when he completes editing the video. If he chooses next it tells him to log in and after logging in it goes back to...
  16. M

    Videos imported to Resolve/Hitfilm/others very grainy...

    Hey Everyone! So I've been trying to edit my videos so I can share them with my family. However, I've been struggling for two reasons: 1) Whenever I import videos taken on my P3P to ANY program I have tried, it looks extremely grainy and lags horribly. The videos I'm importing were shot at 4k...
  17. 28wins

    Best mobile workflow for Instagram with DJI Go?

    I have spent a few hours watching tutorials to edit content on a computer. Does anyone ever simply edit on site? I use an iPad mini with my P4 and after capturing, I want to be able to produce a 20-30 sec video I can post on Instagram right away. And I have but the video quality is terrible on...
  18. L

    Drone video competition

    Hi guys! This is my video for one amateur drone video competition. If u like please give me like on youtube. Just add www. to link above for those who is using mobile device... THX!!!
  19. B

    Video Editor with autofix like youtube video editor

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a video editing software for my videos. I live in Hawaii so there is always lighting issues to be fixed especially with the clarity of the water. I've been using youtubes video editor and it has been working wonderfully. Sadly though, if you use it then they get...
  20. V

    What's the best way to download images and video from my Phantom 4? Also - what's best for editing?

    Hello. I've taken some photos and videos with my Phantom 4, but would like to know what is the best way to download the images/videos to my desktop computer and hard drive? Directly connect the drone to a USB port, or remove the micro SD card and insert directly to my computer? What is the...