first video

  1. M

    first video would love feedback

  2. S

    My First Flight Video

    Ok, so it's not glorious or anything exciting, but here is my first flight video I put together. I'm very impressed with the quality of video with this camera especially since it was a hazy morning after sunrise. This is raw video off the SD card, no post production editing at all (I need to...
  3. J

    Feedback on first video :)

    Hi, I've just got the P3A and recently made this video. I would love to hear some feedback. Feel free to suggest any improvements. Regards, Jens PT
  4. A

    My first drone video [Please review it]

    So I got my first drone, a phantom 3 Professional. And this is my first drone video. I would like to know what you think about, is it good or bad, what could I do better and maybe you have some good tips for me.
  5. M

    Your first drone video, (Post the first drone video you ever made)

    I thought it would be interesting to see everyone's first drone video. So if you are not too embarrassed it would be nice if you could link your first one. Lets see how long this goes, Milan Heal
  6. M

    Just made my first ever Drone Video!

    Hey Everyone, i have just started my channel and recently uploaded my first drone video.(Shot with a phantom 3 advanced in Corfu) Would really appreciate if you would watch it & subscribe! Constructive criticism would be welcome, and any tips on how to improve. My youtube channel is Milan...
  7. Cactus Wren

    First P4 video...

    Made my first video with my P4 and spent a good amount of time with the clips in post production (Mac iMovie). It's short but nice. So I try to use iMovie's "share to Youtube" function, but Youtube says the upload failed. It's a short video, about 1min20sec. *Actually, if you see the reply...
  8. N

    Southern France - Beziers - First ever drone video!

    Hey Guys! - So i bought my first ever drone a few weeks back (Phantom 3 Standard) and after some super nerve racking moments i managed to capture some footage i am really proud of! i would love it if you checked it out and let me know your thoughts. I am always looking to improve and would be...
  9. Gpanek

    My recent video

    I just got my Phantom 3A about a week ago and had the opportunity to try it out along the northern coast of California. Amazing piece of technology. here is the video I made I would appreciate any suggestions or critiques.