1. Keith Mitchell

    Help me improve my video quality!

    OK, I'm just going to upload this extremely humble, unedited video and ask for guidance. I know that it will help me to learn, and maybe a few others will learn too. I'm going to start doing real estate videos soon (got my Part 107) and trying to experiment to learn the best settings, but it's...
  2. devinew777

    Constructive criticism for video

    Brother and I just put up first video using phantom 3 4k. Just looking for some constructive criticism to help us improve our next video! Thanks in advance!
  3. P

    Good workshop on Drone Videography

    This is an exceptional course that will give you the basic to advanced knowledge, tips, and frameworks with which to produce great drone videography. The frameworks used in this course are exceptionally powerful as they give you the tools and mental models to apply as you fly in whatever...
  4. DroneOnNDP

    FAA 107 Compliant Client Workflow

    Recent 107 exam passer here, yaya - does anyone using drones in their photography/videography/production business have a link to a good FAA 107 compliant workflow? One you've developed that you'd be willing share, or perhaps your ideas on how to develop a good one? Like one you can use in...
  5. D.Bennett

    Got any original footage? RAW, D-LOG, etc...

    Does anyone have any original untouched footage straight from their drone that you have uploaded anywhere available for download? Or know of a site to get some? I'm sharpening my editing skills, both color correction/grading and full post production. Looking for something like the video below...
  6. M

    Your first drone video, (Post the first drone video you ever made)

    I thought it would be interesting to see everyone's first drone video. So if you are not too embarrassed it would be nice if you could link your first one. Lets see how long this goes, Milan Heal
  7. S

    July 4th Sandbar / Fireworks Aerial - Edited Video

    Hi all - I've owned a Phantom 3 Advanced for about a month now and I'm having lots of fun with it. Here is footage from Lake Wylie, South Carolina. Hope you enjoy and would love to hear any feedback you have.
  8. Cakrawalens

    Brown Canyon - Semarang, Indonesia

    A video about a man made canyon near my house, please enjoy! oh this video is my first video so any critic or suggestion is appreciated :D taken with P3A