Swapping USB Board between GL300A and GL300C - does it work?

Mar 6, 2017
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I am curious, would swapping USB Board between GL300A and GL300C work?

Have a GL300A for my P3 Pro that I beleive has a bad USB interface and a GL300C on my bench that came with bad P4 purchase that also seems to have issues. Im wondering if I can salvage the USB board from the newer unit.

Anybody have any experience with this?

Thanks in advance,
I haven't tried this, so I'm not sure it'll work. It would be an easy thing to try though. If it doesn't work, another option would be to install the HDMI output module.
If needed, here's a video showing how to swap out that board:

It works fine. Try to have same FW version of the RC, but even that is normally not needed.
Thanks for the tips guys, swapped it over and still no connecting to DJI Go; tried these steps:

Controller reset ( both C1 + C2 as well as record , also tried adding in pressing the ISO wheel as some instructions show to do).
Reinstalled DJI GO on iPhone.
Installed DJI GO on Samsung G4.
Wiped Samsung G4 and installed only DJI Go.
Install firmware via USB, no joy after various versions and using both USB media and the gimbal with an microSD with the firmware.
Updated firmware on P3Pro, now the receiver airside flashes red next to the bind button while the controller status is green. I can control the gimbal and take photos but not arm the motors.
Swapped USB modules with the GL300C (not necessarily known good, but wanted to try.)

Any other things I should try?

PS: I did switch cables with new ones, including the DJI branded micro-USB cable.
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Probably faulty ribbon cable, connectors or (most likely) main board...
I am looking for an HDMI board as my next step. Hopefully I can find one in Southern California!
This could certainly be the case of a bad USB board even though I tried the USB module from the GL300C. In other news, I was able to manually bind the GL300C but its status is flashing green.
Can you purchase the main board, and ribbon cable? If so, where?

I am hesitant to believe that it is a bad mainboard on two controllers, both of which control and fly the phantom fine but only stopped communicating with handheld devices after an update.

New to the phantoms (had been using Nazas before on some flamewheels and previously many other arduino-based projects) I get the impression that the update process is deeply flawed and that the end-user does not have enough visibility into the process. It's understandable to want it to be as hands-off as possible since end users often will mess things up given enough opportunity, but the process is not reliable enough at this point.

A helpful tip that I found along the way for manually binding the Transmitter to the quadcopter without the mobile device:
1. Turn on RC Tx.
2. Press and hold C1 + C2 + record button (top LHS) simultaneously till you hear D-D-D.
3. Now press the top RHS scroll wheel and the RC will flash blue and DD-DD-DD-DD.
4. Press bind button on craft.
From: DJI RC button combos - RC Groups

There seems to be a lot of relevant information in the Inspire forum as well about these transmitters for anybody else trying to figure out how to restore functionality.

Happy Friday all.
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FYI, I ended up picking up a HDMI Module and that worked on both the GL300A and the GL300C. Odd that an update makes the regular modules stop working. Once I was able to connect via the app, I tried rolling back the firmware to see if the USB modules would communicate again and still no change.

Now I am trying to deal with a No image transmission on all of my gimbals after the updates stopped them from transmitting video.

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