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  • HI,
    I am new to drones and this forum. It is really nice that you are so helpful with others here. Thanks for helping others! That fish in your pic is amazing. I love halibut. Maybe one day I will get to Alaska and go fishing for some halibut and other fish.
    Again, thanks for helping so many people here.
    Thank you and you are very welcome! I have learned so much on this forum since I have joined. There are many brilliant people here, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
    June is a great time for fishing for Halibut, as they are venturing into shallower water to spawn. Lots of salmon too.
    It is very nice to meet you here.
    Which drone are you flying?
    Hope to see you here soon ? Take care!
    Do not have one yet. Looking at a Phantom 3 Pro. Keeping it as low cost for the actual learning curve.
    Took a class at the local Jr College. Basically a prep class for the 107 test.
    My focus will be real estate footage. As I get somewhat proficient I will upgrade to a better drone for real estate.
    The P3P is a great drone. It is the model that I have also. They work very well and are a good price for learning with. There is many professional drone photographers on this forum, and they are very knowledgeable on the ins and outs of shooting and editing. I believe you will do very well in your endeavors ?
    I would love to catch a halibut. I would enjoy eating a halibut more.
    Has anyone taken over the eagle lady's place? My nephew is a photographer and took pictures there. All I got was her book. I would have enjoyed a halibut more. Lol
    Plenty of Halibut still,
    WV. Rootman
    WV. Rootman
    I lived on Hilton Head Island in the early 70’s before there was a lot of development. In about half an hour, I could catch about 5 lbs of shrimp or more. Getting clams was almost like picking up a stone. I would just see them squirt and pop them up with my knife. I used two baskets for crabbing. As soon as I threw one out I was pulling the other one in. Flounder was easy gigging.
    WV. Rootman
    WV. Rootman
    I learned how to do these things from the local black population that lived off the land. They were simple uneducated people that was given the land after the civil war. What was there then doesn’t exist today. The Rich has taken over the area and driven the Blacks off with hardly any money in their pockets. When the rich moved in property values went up. So did taxes. You can’t pay taxes living off the land.
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