Should I get a MacBook When Operating my Phantom 4 Pro with an iPhone or iPad?

Jun 4, 2017
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I am planning to switch back from an Android phone and tablet to an iPhone and iPad. I plan to start a UAV business where I will use my Phantom 4 Pro to do structural inspections such as roofs and grain elevators. I will be using either the iPhone or iPad for my display and settings during flight. My intention is to do live video feeds and show video files of the flights on site for clients on a laptop. I know that DJI has apps for both PC and Apple. I am debating whether to get a MacBook Pro or PC laptop. I will consider the MacBook if it will be easier to both transmit live video and transfer video files from an iPhone and/or iPad than it would with a PC laptop. If there are any Phantom 4 Pilot users using MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads, have you guys had easier experiences with your flights using an Apple, Apple, Apple setup as opposed to an iPhone, iPad and PC laptop setup? Thanks.
Jun 26, 2015
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Yorba Linda, CA
It really doesn't matter which computer you use, both work great. The only DJI app for a computer is the Digital Assistant 2, and that's available on either Windows or MacOS. That app will rarely be used, only needed for calibrating and updating your craft, it's not for client purposes. Your decision should revolve around what you feel most comfortable with to show client what your doing, and what editing environment you're most comfortable with.

Live feeds aren't as easy and clear as you might think. It is doable, but in many areas where your cellular speed isn't stellar, your image will be sub-par. I think you might be disappointed at times, and you definitely cannot depend on a client being happy unless you go to the area and pretest the cellular speed first. Remember, live broadcasts are 720 at best with P4P.

If you plan on doing any 4K post editing, the MacBook may pose performance problems unless your using Adobe Premiere Pro (or other like editor) that support a proxy file for post edit. Optionally you can buy PC laptops that include a graphic accelerator to accommodate 4K editing better. I personally do all my captures in 1080, but clients that you may acquire may want 4K for special needs. With 1080 you can use most any midrange CPU computer (i5-4xxx) laptop to edit reasonably well.
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