Phantom 4 Pro V1 / I Pad 10th Generation - Disconnected

Mar 2, 2024
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Hi All,

I have recently bought a brand new I-Pad (10th Gen) with a USB-C connection. When I connected it to the drone, it kept showing 'Disconnected' on the top left side, and 'Not Charging' on the Top right. I have read many old threads stating they had the same problem, some commented about DJI not updating the firmware others mentioned the cables, personally I couldn't get to a proper conclusion since the discussions I followed were more than a year old.

I have used the cable that comes in the box (white one) and 2 other data cables (Photos Attached) but no luck. I bought the IPad specifically for the drone and it will be a shame not to be able to use it! Has anyone one managed to narrow it down since then?

With regards to my other I Pad, it is a 5th Generation IOS 16.7.5. When in the air, I kept getting a distorted live feed (Photo attached) but the footage on the sd card is as crisp as ever. As a solution I did a hard reset to the ipad and also bought an original lighting cable (photo attached), nothing worked which is why I went ahead and got the latest Ipad I could find!

Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thank You!


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I had the same problem. Check out this post - P4P No video (disconnected) and iPad message says "not charging"

With that said... I'm having a problem with the controller being disconnected. I haven't used the drone for a few months. Went to fly it the other day and had the message that says Disconnected on the screen. It doesn't say Not Charging when I log into the app. It does say that when I switch back to the USB-C/Lightning connector. Everything worked fine the last time I flew. I tried logging out of the app then back in with no luck. So I'm here to see if anyone has suggestions for this.

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