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Advanced Repair update

Discussion in 'Phantom 3 Help' started by Chrisinhouston, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Chrisinhouston

    Jul 27, 2016
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    A couple of weeks ago I posted about a really hard landing I had that snapped my Yaw arm where it attaches to the motor in the circuit board; it's probably the weakest part of the arm as the metal is quite thin there. I also noticed that the plastic legs or landing assembly for the drone was bent and a bit crooked. I ordered a set of legs and swapped them out to avoid having one collapse later on when landing.

    Before removing the gimbal assembly from the drone I studied some video tutorials on YouTube and then began disassembly and discovered that that also the Roll arm was bent a bit and the motor seemed to have excessive play so I decided to replace both the Yaw and Roll arms. I didn't see any breaks in the ribbon cable but because the camera was hanging from it I felt it could have been damaged and ordered the following parts:

    Yaw arm
    Roll arm with motor
    Ribbon cable

    I carefully reassembled everything and installed the assembly and attached the last 2 connections to the drone. I powered up and the gimbal went through the usual start up motion and beeped as normal but I never was able to get any kind of camera image on my phone attached to the control unit. I couldn't see anything, take a picture or video or tilt the camera up or down.

    Reading up on possible problems some forum posts suggested that you only use an actual DJI brand cable and not an after market. Not sure if mine was an after market or if perhaps I somehow crimped the ribbon as I had installed it, the angles are kind of tight as I fit it into place. So I ordered a new OEM DJI cable. It came today and I carefully installed it. The advantage of doing it again is you now know all the tricks for getting it in place and stuck down where the adhesive is!

    Powered up and I still get the No Signal message and no image from the camera but now the camera and gimbal did not do the start up motion but I did get the usual beeps, I am now getting a Gimbal Gyroscope Error, Contact Service for help.

    Just to be sure I removed the gimbal assembly one more time and carefully rechecked all my connections and that each part of the ribbon cable was properly seated and locked in place, I also rechecked that the 2 top connections were solid as I finished reattaching it. Everything looks perfect.

    At this point I feel like I may be out of my pay grade. The drone was a birthday present so luckily I am only out for the few parts I bought and a few extra small Torx drivers. I'm just trying to decide if it makes more sense to just order a whole new camera/gimbal assembly or send this one somewhere for service.

    Any thoughts?
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