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  1. Mike_in_Letcombe

    Mar 25, 2015
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    Letcombe Regis, Oxon, England
    I have a P4, all going very well and I am finding this a lot easier to fly than my old P2 Vision +. The big bonus are the intelligent flight modes and also the range - I was lucky to get more than 275 metres with the old system unless I went to the top of a mountain. Now, I have had a flight off the Ridgeway to around 1,250 metres and still had a 100% 'upload' and 'download' link, but decided this was far enough - it was beyond my LOS and I do try to obey the rules...

    However, what I am uncertain about is what can get in the way of the signal, if you are down on the ground. I see videos of people (usually in America) taking off from their back gardens and flying out over a nearby lake. But they will not have direct line of sight to the drone as there are normally some big trees in the way, yet still have total control. I know you can't go behind buildings / behind 'solid' items like mountains / hilltops, but what are the limitations with the remote control? Will the signal pass through a bunch of trees okay? At the moment, I am doing everything possible to maintain 'LOS' but this will not always be possible, especially if I go up into some of the wilder areas in Wales. Advice most welcome!
  2. N017RW

    May 2, 2014
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    Palm Beach Co.- FL
    It varies by conditions.

    These microwaves also travel by LOS and are easily reflected both blocking them and creating multi-path.
    This allows some blockage as the waves scatter around the objects and eventually find their way to the receiver. But when they arrive the can be both additive and subtract-ive depending on their phase relationship. DJI has used this to their benefit with their OFDM and MIMO techniques.
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