Phantom 4 Pro v2 Remote Controller Issues

Oct 21, 2021
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I had posted about a month ago after I experienced a semi-flyaway with my P4P v2 and was told after review of my flight logs that it was a controller issue. The reply stated that the log showed constant aileron input to the right and I was clearly not doing that. I have since calibrated the remote controller following the prompts in the DJI app and have flown it a few times for a brief period. However, any time I fly now I immediately check the remote control section of the app after takeoff to check where it thinks the joysticks are and it still shows anywhere from 8% to 50% input on the right joystick moving the drone right.

Even during calibration of the remote the right joystick will only move ~92% in the left direction because it thinks its starting point is 8% to the right. I am not sure what to do at this point short of replacing the main board of the remote (GL300L). I have the original remote that came with the drone (GL300K I believe) that includes the built-in android display and it functions perfectly. However, our company uses various mapping applications for our flights and its easier to operate with the remote that does not have the display as we have ipads for this purpose. If anyone has had these issues before with the remote please let me know what you did to remedy it, if anything, and let me know if posting the flight logs from the few test flights I have done will help.

edit: here is one of the flights I did with the remote acting up.

Thank you!


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