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  1. Florida Drone Supply

    FPV Remote 2 is back in stock NOW! 11-17-22

    FPV Remote 2 is back in stock. The DJI FPV Remote 2 for Avata and DJI FPV is now back in stock get them before they are gone!
  2. SignumX

    P4 Pro plus controller

    Is the P4Pro plus controller (the one with the integrated screen) compatible with all types of P4 drones? Am contemplating getting a plus controller as an extra backup for my regular P4Pro and I suppose the only difference is in the controller itself. Anything to consider when switching controllers?
  3. skatemurai

    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 Pro - Remote Controller Signal Weak

    Hey guys, I got this problem, whenever I am (Message: Strong interference, fly with caution): How should I fix it? Please help, many thanks! App: 3.1.43 Latest firmware (according to the app).
  4. W

    WTB: Remote Controller GL300F

    Hi need for Mapping. Bought the wrong one gl300e If you have one gl300f to sell ... Cheers WilliamFinland
  5. Newt59

    Multiple Issues, Need Help

    Folks, I went a couple of weeks without flying due to work events. When I went to make my next flight I got stick calibration errors I tried to calibrate, but if I understand it correct, the bar at the bottom should show your progress. It never registers any progress. And I worked it for...
  6. N

    Which model remote controller comes with P4 Advanced?

    Since there's no Phantom 4 Advanced forum yet I need to ask here. Which model remote comes with the P4 Advanced? I know it begins with GL300, but what is the final letter or letters? I have the P4A Plus with built in display on the remote controller, model GL300E. I don't like it because...
  7. G

    P3A remote controller doesn’t turn on after upgrade

    Hello! I upgraded my GL300C controller using DJI GO app to the latest firmware. After the upgrade, it doesn't power on. I found a recovery mode combination (C1+Shutter button), but when I try to upgrade in this mode, the controller starts beeping for few seconds, and after that, the lights go...
  8. P

    Aircraft Disconnected, Aircraft Battery temp n/a, gimbal disconnected

    My phantom 3 standard started acting up. I recently replaced the ribbon when all of this started happening. On the DJI Go app it says that the aircraft is disconnected. Also when I go into the status it says that the aircraft battery is N/A. And that the gimbal is disconnected. I went through...
  9. Falconer

    Question about Maximizing Remote Controller Signal (P3 Advanced)

    Hi all, Have a question relating to flying on/near beaches with cliffs with a P3 Advacned, using the controller that comes with the drone. In general, in which scenario would you likely get better remote controller signal; Scenario 1) Drone operator is standing at the top of 100ft cliff that...
  10. randev

    Remote Controller does NOT work properly!

    Hello there. I hope you can help me. I'm in big trouble after I discovered that my remote controller for P3S does not work as it used to. Both left and right sticks do NOT correspond to directions. I think it's because I put it in a backpack and sticks bumped to other things. I carried it in...
  11. OOO

    Weird sound coming from the remote controller (P4P+)

    Hi DJI has replaced my P4P+ (full story). Yesterday, while preparing for my first flight at home, I noticed a weird sound coming from the remote controller. I know that beeping is normal but what is other sound? Is it normal? I have never heard that kind of sound coming from my first RC...
  12. S

    Help with phantom 4 controller

    Hello all, I screwed up on while I was trying to install antenna boosters. While I was taking apart the remote control i did it wrong and disconnected the ribbon inside the controller rather than the outside. While i tried to reconnect it, the terminal strip broke clean off! See in the picture...
  13. P

    Lost my Phantom 2 Vision+

    I recently JUST lost my phantom vision+ drone. Sad, but i still got my phantom 3 standard. The only thing i have from the vision+ is the remote control. Are there any way possible for me to use this remote control for DIY drones? I'm building a drone, and I'm hoping that i can use this remote...
  14. E

    Getting RC data from Phantom 4

    Hello everyone! I've a DJI Phantom 4. Is there any possible way to get the information from the board of Phantom 4 about the signals it gets from the Remote Control? I mean I need to know which button was pressed or/and what is the current position of joysticks and so on. Any ideas? P.S. I'm...
  15. D

    Non responsive after latest firmware upgrades

    I have been using Litchi app for a while and decided to use the DJIGO app today. Says I needed the latest firmware for batteries, controller and the quad. Everything went well. TXT file shows all good. Now I start the DJI app and I get a warning about satelites are off, I'm disconnected and I...
  16. B

    Desperate with: "Linking Remote Controller"

    I am a complete beginner in drones, but after I had bought the Phantom 4 I made a real effort by listening and trying to understand tutorials, but I am completely stuck. My problem ist that the remote controller does *not* connect to the aircraft and the most frustrating thing is that in the...
  17. Phil Tuggle

    Experience with 2.4GHz Remote Controller Interference or Conflicts?

    Being excited to have my Part 107 Remote Pilot exam passed and Certificate applied-for, I was just scouting a downtown location in a neighboring city where a company wants to hire me to shoot their property. There were no significant issues with the location or with pedestrian and vehicular...
  18. A

    RC is not conecting to the Phantom 4

    Hello! I tried to update the airchaft and the update has failed, and then aftet the fail update, I tried again by the DJI assistant 2, with this DJI the aircraft completed the update. After that, the RC and the aircraft didn't conected anymore. The RC firmware says that the it is the latest...
  19. İ

    P4 Remote controller weak Signal at night

    I can fly with my bird at the day time anywhere. But I tried 2 times at night after 50 metres remote controller weak signal error comes. What is this i didnt understand? I saw many video about night fly videos. But we cant fly at night :S Do you think P4 doesnt get signal because of the dark...
  20. Mike_in_Letcombe

    Remote Control signals - what will they pass through?

    I have a P4, all going very well and I am finding this a lot easier to fly than my old P2 Vision +. The big bonus are the intelligent flight modes and also the range - I was lucky to get more than 275 metres with the old system unless I went to the top of a mountain. Now, I have had a flight off...