1. C

    Phantom 4 Pro cinematic showreel

    Hey everyone, just finished a cinematic showreel from my past year of owning and filming with the P4P, hope you enjoy!
  2. W

    *****LIKE NEW**** Selling Inspire 1 V2 with camera and everything in box or Trade for Mavic 2 Pro

    Hey, I'm looking to sell my inspire 1 v2 drone. I am looking for a smaller drone. It has everything that comes in the box. It has been flown less than 20 times. I am interested in a smaller drone. Like a Mavic 2 Pro or Phantom 4 Pro. I am asking for about $1500 if you are not looking to trade. I...
  3. C

    England - The South coast by drone - Cinematic video

    Hey guys, spent the past couple months working on this cinematic video of a beautiful part of England, hope you enjoy! Filmed on the phantom 4 pro
  4. C

    Phantom 4 Pro+ v2.0

    Is there a way to execute autonomous flights using the Phantom 4 Pro+ v2.0. This drone has the built-in screen so you can't download any apps like DJI GS Pro, Litchi, etc. What is the real benefit of getting the plus version vs the regular pro version. Is there any at all?
  5. D

    Tablet Issues With Phantom 4 Pro (I tried to be descriptive, little wordy)

    I am very new to DJI products. I have been using Draganfly drones over the past few months with the college I attend, however, recently I purchased a Phantom 4 Pro+. The controller it came with does not support 3rd party apps (dronedeploy, Pix4d, ect...) but works very well with the built-in DJI...
  6. D

    (SOLD) P4P+ Controller - Mint - $300US

    GL300E Model Looking to move my mint Phantom 4 Pro+ Controller. It works flawlessly. I have bad eyesight and because the screen works great in the daylight I though I could get away with it but I needed a bigger screen so I opted to buy a regular remote and use my iPad Mini 4. Just trying to...
  7. R

    Phantom 4 Pro Live Stream to nearby Projector/TV without using Internet

    I wanted to purchase Phantom 4 Pro for live streaming to nearby Projector/TV without using Internet as my work will be done in remote locations and there will be no internet. So what will be the best way to render good quality video on mainly Projector(/TV). Options what till now I can find on...
  8. T

    P4P superpack

    My Phantom 4 pro is literally like new (have flown it less than 10 times, bought it in the summer) and I am interested in selling it (I'm traveling a lot and got the Mavic instead). The package includes: - Phantom 4 Pro drone - Remote control - Charger - original DJI case and box - Manfrotto D1...
  9. M

    Focal lenght

    Hi, someone can tell what is the focal lenght of the Phantom 4 Pro?
  10. B

    New announcement

    Hi everyone. I was buying p4p 2 month ago but there was some jobs to do. Now i am free to consern with it. But if phantom 5 or something better (below i2) will be announced after about a month i can wait for it. When could it be announced ? Should i wait?
  11. Skyler King III

    P4P frequently looses GO4 Connection

    All fine until yesterday. Residential area off lake with lots of acreage. (unlikely interference). My Bluetooth turned off on iPhone. P4P would not connect to iPhone 7P after startup. Started and restarted iPhone, Controller and bird. Restarting iPhone 7 Plus (reboot) seems to fix (for a...
  12. B

    I am confused about p4p

    I am thinking to buy p4p but if new phantom will be announced nearly it would bad for me. when will it be ? I read some problems about p4p ( flicker, green part, etc. ) do they have solution ? Should i wait p5 or buy inspire 2? about inspire x4s cam is same as p4p. it is looking over priced to...
  13. P

    Looking for advice on what to do about broken P4P gimbal.

    So my Phantom 4 Pro took a tumble and the gimbal arm seems to have separated from the motor. At least that's what I think. I don't have DJI Care and I'm looking for some advice as to if I'm correct about it being the arm and motor and if it's something I might be able to fix on my own. Here's...
  14. B

    Phantom4 PRO shut off while flying and crash to the ground

    sudden my Phantom4 PRO shut off while flying at 25mts and it was only its 2nd flight
  15. B

    Phantom 4 Advanced Vs. Pro.

  16. Chappy

    Best place to buy a pro + Combo in the uk?

    HI guy's, This is my 1st post so go easy on me if this has already been asked. I'm looking to buy a Pro + & 2 extra batteries / charging base at the end of the month. Where is the best place to buy in the uk and who will offer a deal if paying cash ( No finance ). Thanks for your help...
  17. D

    Aerial flight from my back yard, across a canyon, and around an actve landslide....

    Well, as expected the storms did no favors for the church I see every day out my windows -- now their entire lower parking lot is fenced off now, and lots more of the hillside has fallen away beneath the asphalt. You can see cracks in the parking lot, as well, indicating a lack of stability...
  18. I

    REQ: Phantom4pro FCC ID#, TIA

    . ...Request Phantom4pro FCC ID #... . TIA IIIDaemon
  19. S

    The Phantom 4 Pro Camera is a huge upgrade

    Here's the first thing I filmed with the P4P. Loving the new sensor on this thing. Smoke on the water
  20. J

    How to handle losing GPS?

    Seen a lot of posts of people losing GPS mid flight and then crashing, in the event this does happen whats the best way to handle it? Think its a good question for myself and other beginners. I suspect when GPS signal drops you have to some how fly it manually, Ive read the manual numerous...