1. I

    Ipad Models for Phantom 3 Standard

    I am wanting to get a used ipad to use with my phantom 3 standard as I prefer the bigger screen when flying. So I am curious, what is the oldest model ipad one can use. When I used an old iphone 5s running 12.5.4 the connection between the phone and the drone was to sporadic to work while when I...
  2. T

    What's the state of screen mirroring?

    I tried searching but didn't find much. I've got a P4Pro with an Ipad display and might be deploying into eastern NC. What are folks using to mirror the drone output to nearby devices? I don't want the HDMI out option because I don't want to be tied to a cord. I've seen posts in the past talking...
  3. G

    New Ipad Device

    I want to buy new iPad for the flight my P4. What should I do? 2018 iPad with A10 fusion chip and cellular version is good? or buy iPad pro 10.5? Now I have the first iPad Air , but when i fly the P4 the screen becomes green. And in 2018 iPad the screen isn't becomes green ?
  4. P-2

    Visual issues on the iPad

    Help???........ suddenly my P4 is loosing visual com with the iPad. When the flight is over, the video is fine but during flight...... Really blotchy ...... TIA
  5. G

    DJI Go 4 App Freezes During Flight

    I am flying a Phantom 4 Pro using an iPad mini 4 with cellular service. I have the most recent version of the DJI Go 4 app (4.2.14) on my iPad, and the iPad is updated to the most recent version of iOS. The last 2 sessions I have flown, I have had the app lock up and the camera view freeze...
  6. Steve_in_DE

    Updating Litchi in app store, not getting latest version?

    I have had Litchi since almost the beginning. It lives on my ipad and my Samsung phone (yes I bought both platforms). I recently updated Litchi on my ipad via the app store, but I am not clear that I got a newer version. I now have v2.2. Is that the latest? If not do I need to buy it again...
  7. J

    Best Sunshade Option for P4P Controller with iPad 9.7" & Case

    Hello, I'd like to get everyone's opinion on the best sunshade. I use an iPad 9.7" with Apple's silicone case. I've looked at the shades from aerialdroneaccessories.com, but I'm not sure I want that kind of bulk or even if they would work without taking the case off of my iPad. Thanks in...
  8. D

    Where are my TFRs if there are any?

    Hi everyone! Quick question, where is the best and easiest place to check for tfrs every time before I fly? I want to always know if there is one before ever taking off. I currently use Airmap, but I don't know if it gives up to date tfrs. I'm hoping for an app to check tfrs, rather than a...
  9. D

    Get away Birds!

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but safety is what this is most closely related to. Birds are constantly bugging my drone while I'm doing roof inspections. I have to take my eyes off the drone, though I'm flying vlos, I'm looking at my iPad for most of the time. I want to know if anybody...
  10. M

    Retrieving Video from iPad

    I'm sure this is covered somewhere, but I can't find it. Looks like my sd card got fouled yesterday and I lost some good video. I found the vids on the iPad, but I'm a PC type, and I can't figure out how to download those videos onto my PC. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  11. C

    Samsung Galaxy Tab E

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab E available to me but I’m an iPad guy. But the thought of a dedicated tab for my P4 is intriguing. Anyone using this tab? Pros and cons vs an iPad?
  12. chatikib

    DJI Go 3 (For products before P4) iPad / iPhone apps

    It is very easy for the Android user to find an old version of a DJI Go app. For the Apple user it is almost impossible to find them. I have spent many hours to download an old version of DJI Go (before P4). That's why I like to share my result with you. These IPA files are not modified and are...
  13. Mavikhan

    iPad mini 4 wifi or CrystalSky 7.85"?

    If GPS and 3rd party apps were not important to you, which would you buy? Are the CS features worth the extra money?
  14. Green Phantom

    iPad Pro

    iPad Pro UNBOXING & Specs/Review
  15. Billmh12

    P4Pro DJI GO4 App crashing after update on my I-Pad

    So I was getting ready to fly and my DJI GO4 app was acting weird, it kept closing before I could take off. I was running some diagnostics. Then I noticed it was just updating on its own, on the ipad. I waited, shut everything down and rebooted and restarted. Then I had to do the test. I opted...
  16. K

    New Kittyhawk App Not working with Ipad

    Downloaded the new version of KittyHawk on my ipad and now KittyHawk no longer runs. It goes to the logo screen and just sits there. Then it goes off and sit in background. Anyone having this issue? Anyone know how to fix it? I'm running iOS 10.3.3, I reset all settings. I went through...
  17. chatikib

    Is it a dangerous game to fly with Litchi?

    I fly with a Phantom 3 SE, often in combination with Litchi. I'm using an iPad Mini (iOS). But now I'm starting to worry. Because there are many users who point out that Litchi is not yet suitable for the Phantom 3 SE (SDK isn't available). What should I do? Keep the bird on the ground or use...
  18. mikehhfx

    Ipads, Ipads and more Ipads, which one?

    Hi All Tired of trying to see my DJI Go on an iPhone and all my ipads are too old to work with the go app. So here is the question, what Ipad do I get?, I'd like a mini ipad, if I get one with just wifi, will I be missing the GPS functions in the GO app, will I see the map and where the drone...
  19. Uncle Stumpy

    I need a new device for my P3 Advanced - old wifi iPad no good

    My wifi only iPad worked for my P3 Standard but my new 3 Advanced doesn't use wifi, which is the point. Does anybody know if I get a new (used) iPad, do I need one with a phone contract? Or will they work just for the drone? Like what is called unlocked? I have no need for a cell phone so I am...
  20. L

    Increase the thickness of the iPad clip

    Hello, I have a Phantom 4 that I use with a mini iPad. My iPad is in an Otterbox box case but unfortunately the clip of the holder does not hold it firmly because my case is too thick (around 15 mm or 5/8 "), so I am looking for an accessory that allows me to increase the thickness of the...