Oct 3, 2016
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Hi everyone!

Got to a point where I need to sell my Phantom 4 as I am unable to fullfill all the assignments with the camera (need to print the shots on large canvas). I am not super happy to do it as I read about many problems with P4 Pro but the camera is a big thing.

The Phantom 4 I am looking to sell is absolutely perfect. Not a single scratch, never crashed, collided or what so ever. Bought it exactly a year ago and according to the app it has acomplished 76 flights. The battery is in perfect condition - 25 mins flight is doable.

P4 comes with the DJI grey box, charger, cabling, RC and as extra 2 DJI ND filters - ND4 and ND 16 (the latter one never used, still in original packaging).

P4 is for sale at EUR 799 plus shipping. Shipment without customs to EU or Switzerland.
friend bought one just after they came out. First one wouldn't fly - had to send it back. Second one had camera issues (gimbal was going crazy in flight)... And recently friend's P4 Pro's propeller broke during flight (which is very strange) and the drone is dead - fell from 200m... so in general I've heard more bad than good on it, but the camera is amazing... and very happy to hear that there are people who have no issues with their Pros... hoping mine will be trouble free :)
Perhaps manufacturing and firmware have improved. Mine is everything I'd hoped for. The camera IS amazing.

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