phantom 4 sale

  1. Photocopter

    Phantom 4 for sale

    Hi everyone! Got to a point where I need to sell my Phantom 4 as I am unable to fullfill all the assignments with the camera (need to print the shots on large canvas). I am not super happy to do it as I read about many problems with P4 Pro but the camera is a big thing. The Phantom 4 I am...
  2. P

    Phantom 4 Pro (no longer available - eBay)

    Hey guys, I am selling my backup Phantom 4 Pro. This unit has only been flown about 5-6 times for testing purposes. This was purchased as a backup to my other Phantom 4 Pro. It has been kept in the original box since I got it. Looking to sell it to make room for my Inspire 2 that is on the way...
  3. J

    Phantom 4 Swaying

    I previously flew a DJI Phantom 3 Standard, then I had the Phantom 3 Professional and now I have upgraded to a Phantom 4. While I am loving its design and features, I find for the first two flights, It does not seem leveled and tends to sway in the air. Please help if you have any advice.
  4. E

    Phantom 4 for SALE

    Immaculate condition Phantom 4 with box and everything it comes with as well as the following accessories which I purchased: Polar Pro nd4, nd8 and cpl filters 2 extra batteries (total of 3 in total) LowePro Drone guard BP450 AW Two parabolic range extenders I used this drone a handful of...
  5. Mike_Flys

    Phantom 4 Bundle Sale!

    DJI Phantom 4 with 2 additional battery (Total of 3 Batteries) $1481.05 with code PHANTOMPILOTS Free domestic shipping DJI Phantom 4 with 2 additional battery (Total of 3 Batteries)