1. T

    DJI Spark or DJI Phantom 3 Standard? Which should I buy?

    Dear PhantomPilots users I'm going to buy a drone, and I'm primarily been looking at these two. I don't know that much about drones. I just know that small Chinese toy "drones" are rubbish, and that DJI is one of the best brands, if not the best one. I have the opportunity to buy one of these...
  2. husoaga07

    Should I buy Phantom 1?

    Hello! I found a deal for 800₺ (approx. 120$) that includes; -2 batteries -2 sets of propellers -a strenghtened antenna -1 set of prop guards Is it worth it? If not, why? I currently have a JJRC H37, but I thought this is a great deal since it's DJI, right? But I'm not in a hurry. I'm gonna buy...
  3. M

    Selling Phantom 4 Pro Plus.

    Wanting to sell my Phantom 4 pro PLUS (Based Inman Park Atlanta Georgia.) No crashes ever, minimal flights you can actually see the flights A have had on my Instagram. @mylesforster Reason for selling is simply work has taken over. Right now it hasn't been flown for 2 weeks and I don't see my...
  4. K

    Selling phantom 4

    so this thing crashed in my yard a month ago and no one has claimed it so I am selling it. It’s kinda messed up, it powers on but idk if it works cuz I don’t have a controller. These things are selling for upwards of 100 so I guess that’s the minimum bid. idk how this stuff works just let me know!
  5. T

    can be closed

    Can be closed
  6. Z

    P3 Standard - For Sale (with extras) $350

    IN NEW JERSEY - Can ship if postage is covered on buyers end --- $350 asking Hey guys, Sadly, I have to let go of my drone! Very disappointing It is in great condition, a couple slight scratches on the gram of the camera and tips - nothing major at all. It comes with; - Drone (8/10...
  7. j1nnn

    sold - Negotiable! DJI Phantom 3 4k (Perfect full setup) - $800

  8. F

    whorth changing a phantom 3 pro for a spark?

    Hello, First, sorry if my english is not good. English is not my native lenguage, im from Argentina. Second, im in doubt to sell my phantom 3 pro that i acquired the last year in order to buy the recently released dji spark. both drone has pros and cons. The best thing of the P3 pro is its...
  9. Photocopter

    Phantom 4 for sale

    Hi everyone! Got to a point where I need to sell my Phantom 4 as I am unable to fullfill all the assignments with the camera (need to print the shots on large canvas). I am not super happy to do it as I read about many problems with P4 Pro but the camera is a big thing. The Phantom 4 I am...
  10. Equidale

    Canadian P4P Flyers...Where to buy P4P?

    Wondering if any fellow Canadians on this forum could point me towards where they ordered their P4P from, and why they chose that store. Did you buy from the states? DJI directly? B&H type stores, or a drone specific store? Etc. My main concerns are what if something is wrong and I...
  11. E

    WTB: Phantom P3 Adv or Pro Camera/Gimbal

    Hey Everyone... I have a P3 Adv that took a spill a few months ago. I've replaced the Aircraft already but the gimbal/camera has jitters and digital artifacts. Looking to buy a new or "like new" Gimbal/Camera for the P3 Adv or Pro. Located in VA, USA. Let me know what you have for sell...
  12. K

    Foreign Visitor to USA - want to buy Phantom 4 and extra batteries

    I'm an Aussie who resides in Thailand. I have been trying to buy a Phantom 4 with two extra batteries at a reasonable price but the DJI website is a disaster for non Americans trying to buy in US. And their "help" systems are a joke. Anyone know someone who can bundle together the two extra...
  13. J

    Mavic delivery time??

    Hey guys, I bought my mavic the day after they announced it. I was wondering if anyone knows how long dji products will take to ship after they are shipped? Also any ideas on how long it will take to get it? I can't wait! Amazons delivery estimates are in November :(
  14. JaredReabow

    Buying Broken or Damaged gimbles and drones.

    IF you have a broken or damaged gimble or drone and want it fixed or want to get rid of it. I will buy them off you or fix them for you. I have done some seriously tricky repairs in the past fixing boards DJi would throw away. so if you have a broken gimble, even if is completely totaled...
  15. A

    MAPIR Survey 1 Camera's - $90

    MAPIR Survey 1 Camera's - $90 ea Red Light Infrared Light Visible (RGB) light 12 MP, good for mapping and NDVI Barely Used. See full listings at
  16. A

    Drone Chest, a peer 2 peer marketplace to buy or sell new or used drones and related UAS gear

    Hey all, I am also a drone owner, and in the past have experienced issues selling used drones and related gear on Craigslist and Ebay. As a result, I saw a need for an online marketplace for this up and coming industry where anyone can buy or sell their new or used drones and related UAS gear...
  17. K

    Want a Phantom 1 - (Europe Users )

    Hi there , I' m from Cyprus and I ' m looking to find a used Dji Phantom 1 with a GoPro mount , batteries , transmitter and all the things that the brand new comes with . My budget is €200 . Is it possible to find a one , that is in full- working condition ?
  18. A

    Standard Problems regarding Phantom 3 Standard motor compatibility.

    I have owned this product for about 3 months now (Phantom 3 Standard), and now one of the motors on it is failing. I know the reasoning for this. It's because I used to have the prop guards on it for safety, but when I removed them, I screwed in the long screws on the motors. Only one motor...
  19. Lance Dwight

    What drone should I buy if I want....

    Hi all, I'm looking for a drone that can: Automatically track a specific subject Automatically wait in a location until the subject arrives I'm looking for a drone that can leave my apartment in Boston, MA and go down to the bus stop wait until my girlfriend arrives and then monitor her...
  20. A

    Buy Phantom 3

    Hello all, This is my first post here so I would like to welcome you all. My quest for finding the best deal to buy a Phantom 3 Professional started 2 weeks ago and I still can't decide which one offers the ideal conditions. From stores that don't ship to Europe (I'm from Portugal) from another...