1. Z

    FOR SALE PHANTOM 4 PRO+ w/ everything needed and some!

    Hey everyone! I’m selling my friends Phantom 4 Pro+! PRICE: $1200 obo (willing to negotiate) It’s in really great condition, and has everything you need and some. Below is what is included: - Phantom 4 Pro+ Drone - DJI Built-In Screen Controller - 2 DJI Batteries - 2 Sets of Propellers -...
  2. K

    Trading/Selling my phantom 4 pro - $900 OBO

    Hey I would like to trade or sell my phantom 4 pro for $900 OBO. It will come with an extra battery and a carrying case (Lykus backpack). I'm also looking for a mavic pro with the dji goggles OR just the mavic 2 zoom. I've probably flown my p4p ~10 times, it's in great condition and will come...
  3. tml4191

    What's currently the best place to sell personal drone footage?

    I've seen a couple of sites that'll sell drone footage, but what is the best right now in terms of pay?
  4. R

    Phantom 4 Pro Plus for sell including a Nanuk 945 case

    I want to sell my Phantom 4 Pro+ which is in good condition. The drone was bought in May 2017 and only take it to flight for less than 10 times. The package includes 2 batteries , a set of ND filter, controller lanyard and one nanuk 945 case. Everything is $1000 then without the nanuk case I'll...
  5. M

    Selling Phantom 4 Pro Plus.

    Wanting to sell my Phantom 4 pro PLUS (Based Inman Park Atlanta Georgia.) No crashes ever, minimal flights you can actually see the flights A have had on my Instagram. @mylesforster Reason for selling is simply work has taken over. Right now it hasn't been flown for 2 weeks and I don't see my...
  6. D

    To sell, or not to sell.

    What do you guys think, should I sell my car to buy a Phantom 4 Pro?
  7. J

    Selling my drone - what do i need to do?

    Hi, I bought a Phantom 4 Pro earlier this year but never get to use it due to work and other commitments. I just wondered how I go about transferring ownership when I do find a buyer? As I registered it when i bought it on my DJI account. Also i have around 3-4 months of DJI CARE if I damage it...
  8. D

    Selling a p4 and a p3p

    I just got the p4 back from DJI repair and have flown it once to test. They sent me a refurb back. I have a few extra props and only 1 battery (keeping my extra to use in a p4p once i buy). The p3p has had a mainboard replacement done. (cosmetic dings from being opened but has flown for dozen...
  9. R

    P3P + Extra Batter for Sale - $700

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my P3P with an extra battery. Comes with original box and RC. Works perfectly fine - have only flown it a couple times. Looking for $700 + shipping OBO. Please DM me or reply here if interested. Also here's a shot of it attached. Thanks!
  10. F

    whorth changing a phantom 3 pro for a spark?

    Hello, First, sorry if my english is not good. English is not my native lenguage, im from Argentina. Second, im in doubt to sell my phantom 3 pro that i acquired the last year in order to buy the recently released dji spark. both drone has pros and cons. The best thing of the P3 pro is its...
  11. W


    Hello, I am currently looking to trade my inspire 1 v2 for a phantom 4 pro. My inspire 1 v2 is in like new condition. Please get back to me if you have any questions.
  12. Photocopter

    Phantom 4 for sale

    Hi everyone! Got to a point where I need to sell my Phantom 4 as I am unable to fullfill all the assignments with the camera (need to print the shots on large canvas). I am not super happy to do it as I read about many problems with P4 Pro but the camera is a big thing. The Phantom 4 I am...
  13. K

    P4P for sale (inc DJI Care, Battery and heavy duty case)

    Bought my beloved P4P in Feb this year but due to needing a big deposit for my new house and not having time to use it I've decided its going to have to be sold on :(. Where do people recommend to sell them? Was going to do it on ebay but postage costs would be too much. Its in Like New...
  14. I

    Legally selling your footage in the US

    Hello, I've had thoughts of getting my Drone Pilots license, but for now I've just been flying for fun with my DJI inspire 1 and getting footage for my own benefit. This last weekend, I got some amazing footage of my city's local river near flood stage and I did some editing and posted it on...
  15. thefrisbee995

    How much can I sell my P4P for? (In £)

    I've had a P4P for a few months now, probably done somewhere between 10 and 15 flights with it and haven't crashed it, dropped it, etc. Literally spotless. Think I got it for £1550 or something like that. How much can I sell it for in GBP (£)? Note that my phantom is not for sale so I have not...
  16. DigitalSkyPilot

    FOR SALE NEW P3 Advanced Camera and Gimble

    I have a new in the box P3 advanced camera and gimble. Shipped to you for $275. PayPal
  17. D

    Phantom 3 Proffesional for sale in Sydney

    Hi I am selling my DJI Phantom 3 professional. Drone is in Sydney, Australia. DJI Phantom 3 Pro 4K Drone with Extras | Other Cameras | Gumtree Australia Blacktown Area - Blacktown | 1127590523 Thanks
  18. A

    MAPIR Survey 1 Camera's - $90

    MAPIR Survey 1 Camera's - $90 ea Red Light Infrared Light Visible (RGB) light 12 MP, good for mapping and NDVI Barely Used. See full listings at
  19. A

    Drone Chest, a peer 2 peer marketplace to buy or sell new or used drones and related UAS gear

    Hey all, I am also a drone owner, and in the past have experienced issues selling used drones and related gear on Craigslist and Ebay. As a result, I saw a need for an online marketplace for this up and coming industry where anyone can buy or sell their new or used drones and related UAS gear...
  20. J

    [FOR SALE - EXCELLENT CONDITION] DJI Phantom 3 Standard FPV Drone w/2.7K UHD Camera & 3-Axis Gimbal