Phantom 3 went for a swim

May 27, 2016
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Two days ago I had an accident with my Phantom 3 (watch video)
it fell into the ocean but I was able to recover it. For some reason the battery was not on when it was found so I have some hope that the electric components aside from the battery had no power when it hit the water. I immediately cleaned it with fresh water and have now fully disassembled it and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and dried with compressed air. The only two things I didn't manage to disassemble were the gimbal motors and main motors. Both have a lot of sand in them and friction. They main motors are the "newer" 2312a motor, I did not find any info as to how to disassemble those.
Why would you think the battery would still be on when it was immersed in salt water when it was found?
Good luck, and you may want to use uncooked rice method to dry it totally out.
I think he was saying he was glad the battery ejected before it had a chance to possible short things out when it first hit the water and started to sink.

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Exactly MasterBlaster, I meant that the battery was not mounted on the drone when it was found underwater.

Does anyone know how to disassemble those motors? The 2312a motors and the ones on the gimbal.
There are plenty of youtube vids on motor tear-downs. They are not hard but you need proper tools:

A C-clip removal tool is best or be prepared to go on a hunt for an errant clip. After the clip is removed there is a small brass bushing (brass o-ring) and then a top and bottom bearing. I believe you can then pull that statorright out but you may have to remove the bottom bearing. The stator is held in place then and ony then by its magnets and can be pulled out of the motor housing with a firm tug. There isn't much more to them or their dissassembly than that. Watch the vids though as the above is my recollection from watching them a few times. At your own peril please. I have only observed this process and have never done it so standard disclaimer applies.
Its time you buy a replacement aircraft and new battery, I was only able to save GPS unit,vision positioning, camera and gimbal,like said in the posts if your battery wasn't there when it hit water,your whole unit is safe.good luck

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