1. Nick Wenzel

    Making a P3 Standard look less ugly/more like the P4?

    Hey everyone, I purchased a P3 standard a few weeks back. I wanted to know if anyone has any tips for cleaning it up and making it look nicer/simpler. I've started by removing the colorful bands. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Nick :)
  2. J


    Short one this week, but a cool place to fly!
  3. L

    Disassembly of 2312a and gimbal motors.

    There is sand on all my motors and the gimbal. I haven't found any guidance on how to open and clean the motors. The motors for the props are the newer 2312a and seem to be harder to disassemble.
  4. L

    Phantom 3 went for a swim

    Two days ago I had an accident with my Phantom 3 (watch video) it fell into the ocean but I was able to recover it. For some reason the battery was not on when it was found so I have some hope that the electric components aside from the battery had no power when it hit the water. I immediately...