1. PhantomWetSuits

    Flying adventures for the month of Dec 2017 -

    You can watch any of the vid in full at We have a light bar video that is just amazing coming soon..
  2. Adam Morrison

    Big Sale on WaterStrider with Free US Shipping

    Since it is the season for big sales, we have decided to run a big sale as well! We've discounted the price nearly 30% to $99 for the model with all white pods and $119 for the high visibility model with red pods on the front. On top of that, we are offering free shipping in the United States...
  3. C

    gimbal motor unmount

    hello, first off all, sorry for my terrible English... I'm French ! My P3 4K crashed in some sand this week and some sand went in my gimbals motor. I tried to fix it but the motor won't come out. I checked on internet, and the motor should come out by pulling on them without forcing because...
  4. J

    GLAMIS SAND DUNES 2016 | Phantom 4 4K Video

    Hope everybody likes this one! For more, check out DroneOnJohn on YouTube!
  5. L

    Disassembly of 2312a and gimbal motors.

    There is sand on all my motors and the gimbal. I haven't found any guidance on how to open and clean the motors. The motors for the props are the newer 2312a and seem to be harder to disassemble.
  6. L

    Phantom 3 went for a swim

    Two days ago I had an accident with my Phantom 3 (watch video) it fell into the ocean but I was able to recover it. For some reason the battery was not on when it was found so I have some hope that the electric components aside from the battery had no power when it hit the water. I immediately...
  7. Adam Morrison

    WaterStrider—Make Confident Takeoffs & Landings Anywhere

    Greetings to the Phantom Pilots community! My name is Adam Morrison, and I'm one of the co-founders of DroneRafts LLC. I wanted to introduce you all to our new and exciting product called WaterStrider. Since the early fall of last year, our team has been totally dedicated to developing and...
  8. AndyGB

    Panorama @ Broughty Ferry Beach, Angus, Scotland