1. T

    Not hovering properly, also one motor doesn't sound right compared to the others

    So I got my Phantom 3 Standard for Christmas and being new to this I have crashed a few times (3 to be exact). They werend major crashes, one little scratch is on the body near a motor. But today I went ou near my local beach and started flying. I knew something was wrong because it wasnt...
  2. L

    Startup issues on my p3 advanced

    okay, so basically today was my first time flying my p3 advanced. After some flying i landed on an uneven surface, resulting in it tipping over, and 2 props being stuck in mud. I cut the engine and set it up to fly again. However, upon startup, only 2 engines fired, and only for a fraction of a...
  3. C

    Replacement Motors?

    I'm a dummy and put too long of screws in the motor mounts. As a result I need four replacement motors. The motors say BFBR 0584D and AFCT 1255D, but I see in eBay and Amazon there are part numbers 94 and 95 with 2312A.
  4. M

    P4P Motors lifespan/MTBF?

    Working on a project in a tropical environment with a P4P. We're flying mapping missions with DJI Ground Station. We've got about 80hrs on the system an I'm starting to worry about the motors and ESCs. We run about 10 batteries per day for a week at a time. What's the lifespan or MTBF of those...
  5. R

    Prop motors not working

    I recently crashed my phantom 3 standard, i broke the camera arm. I replaced the parts including the camera ribbon cable turned it on and when it turns on how its suppose to do the prop motion, well on to props move. I turned on the auto flight and only 2 motors are turning. Can some one help me...
  6. U

    P1 Motors wont start!

    Hi all, ive recently purchased a Phantom 1 as my first DJI product and was having some issues with the motors failing to start up via the controller. i have calibrated it and the compass along with updating it but if i unplug it from the pc after doing a motor test they fail to work at all :S...
  7. I

    Should I replace my p4 pro motors?

    I'm not sure how much flight time I have if anyone knows where i can find out it would help. Anyway I was wondering if the p4 pro's motors ever have to be replaced after a certain flight time, and if so how much time?
  8. J

    Please help, did I brick my Phantom?

    So I made the mistake of ruining my motors by using mounting screws that were too long. Ruined the coils. I started the drone a couple of times and it had errors initially before I found out what was wrong. Not sure if the screws in the coils shorted anything out. I ordered new motors, the...
  9. J

    "Battery error" after replacing motors...

    Hi all, I've only had my phantom 3 for 2 months and I made the fatal mistake I hear a lot of there make. Accidentally putting the long prop guard screws in without the prop guards resulting in ruined motor coils. So I ordered all four of my new motors, made sure they were the exact ones I...
  10. quaddamage

    Phantom 3 Pro/Adv error codes

    I've noticed there's no such list posted; the Dji Go app always explains what each code means, so it's not as important to have it; anyway, here it is: error 1 error 2 error 3 error 4 error 5 error 6 error 7 error 8 error 9 error 10 error 11 error 12 error...
  11. B

    Crashed Phantom 3 Pro for parts

    I have a crashed Phantom 3 Professional that I was trying to fix but decided to part it out. It has the newer mainboard and I replaced one of the 2312A motors but was still getting the ESC warning error. Drone connects to DJI Go, gets GPS signals, vision positioning system seems to be working...
  12. S

    It won't start engines after repairs.

    Hi all! Thanks for reading this. I've had a crash with my Phantom 3 4K model. It hit a tree and came down from about 15 meters. The battery also flew out and is a total loss sadly. When we examined the drone for damage we decided to replace the following parts since they had visible damage...
  13. Mike_in_Letcombe

    SOLD! DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus (V3.0)

    SORRY, NOW SOLD!! I have a Phantom 2 Vision Plus, newest version 3.0 and WAS working perfectly. However, the WI-FI module has gone wrong and, although you can still fly the Phantom plus take pictures / video, the live feed stopped working. You can't get hold of these modules for love or money...
  14. L

    One motor damaged or more

    I met a bush and didn't have the presence of mind to shut down the motors - one isn't running st all now but I suspect I might be better swapping all motors - I assume the esc will either be good or dead. Is it a good time to maybe upgrade ? Thank you
  15. M

    Running P3 motors without props

    hello, So I am brand new to the DJI Phantom world. I have a Phantom 3 Advanced. I wanted to retrieve some pictures off the Sd card onto my phone so I put the phantom on my table and turned it on and went through the process. Whenever I turn the aircraft on inside I take the props off to be...
  16. C

    Phantom 3 replacement motors not available on DJI website

    I need to replace my Phantom 3 Advanced's motors (2312A) but DJI's website doesn't sell these replacement motors anymore. I emailed them and they responded saying that they don't sell them anymore and that I should send my drone in to the North American support center to have it fixed. I was...
  17. L

    Disassembly of 2312a and gimbal motors.

    There is sand on all my motors and the gimbal. I haven't found any guidance on how to open and clean the motors. The motors for the props are the newer 2312a and seem to be harder to disassemble.
  18. L

    Phantom 3 went for a swim

    Two days ago I had an accident with my Phantom 3 (watch video) it fell into the ocean but I was able to recover it. For some reason the battery was not on when it was found so I have some hope that the electric components aside from the battery had no power when it hit the water. I immediately...
  19. M

    DJI Phantom 4 Motor is making an awful sound.

    Hi everyone! I was out flying today and I am feeling SUPER concerned about my drone. It flew fine, i flew 3 batteries on it while it was making this noise!! I do remember seeing a lot of bugs on my FPV screen, and when I flew back my drone had a bunch of bug stains. I don't know if that had...
  20. M

    Phantom 3 Parts - including those not available New from DJI

    Phantom 3 Parts - Not available New from DJI. Phantom 3 Parts - Not available New from DJI | Miscellaneous Goods | Gumtree Australia Adelaide Hills - Bridgewater | 1113071271 DJI have decided not to provide full parts support for the Phantom 3 Standard, as a result, the only way to get some of...