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  1. CThruU

    Jun 21, 2016
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    West Virginia
    I've posted about both of my crashes in earlier threads. I decided to post a quick summary to help others who may be wondering what it costs to get repairs and how to go about it. This is US specific, other areas of the world will likely be different.

    My first crash was into a tree and resulted in the P4 tumbling down around 60 feet to hit a grassy river bank. Flew fine afterwards but bent one arm and cracked the shell. $204 total repair including shipping. See first two photos.

    My second crash came from clipping a branch on ascent from driveway and P4 falling straight down onto landing gear in my concrete driveway from about 15 feet. Broke one landing gear, the gimbal was bent, and the P4 wouldn't connect. $168 repair including shipping. See last 2 photos.

    Process: email or call DJI service, wait for RMA and UPS label, ship, get estimate, pay invoice, and wait. Both times the entire process took 15-18 days, mostly for shipping.

    Hope this info helps others.

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