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  1. C

    Truth about DJI Care Refresh

    I wonder if everyone knows that DJI will replace your drone with a refurbished one? After I received the worst after-sales service from DJI, I was browsing the drone forums and I found this. 大疆!大疆!大疆!你们这样对待用户? (The original post was in chinese dji forum) The guy sent his drone for repair and...
  2. N

    DJI Care Refresh does NOT cover repairs, only replacement

    When I bought my P4A in July the only service plan offered was DJI Care Refresh, which I paid $139 to buy. While the info page stated that the aircraft could be replaced for a $99 additional fee, I thought that replacement was an option, and that repairs were covered too. So I crashed and...
  3. S

    The Good, The Bad & the Ugly: State Farm, A Crash & The Black Hole Known as DJI Service

    I became a proud owner of a Phantom 4 Pro in late December. In early January I bought a State Farm Policy for $60. Between December and early May I flew 550 successful flights. And then, two weeks ago, in a flyover of my sailboat anchored in a small bay, I clipped the rigging and it went...
  4. S

    DJI say my P4P is a write-off. I disagree.

    Ok, it was my fault. I accidentally allowed my P4P to touch down in one inch of water. The camera was submerged in a freshwater stream for about two seconds. Only the camera. I have the video. After my attempts to dry it out over several days, I took it out for a test flight. Everything works...
  5. Bermuda Sunset

    New Guy from Philippines

    Good day everyone, as you could guess I'm a newbie here and don't get mad I'm not even a drone owner yet, although I do have one ordered. Unfortunately I may be changing my mind on the whole deal living as I do in the Philippines. Again unfortunately this isn't a great country to buy anything...
  6. Yorb

    P3S broken gimbal; RMA or DIY?

    After talking to DJI service and syncing my flight data, they "recommend" sending my Phantom 3 Standard in for diagnosis and repair. I don't know if it will be under warranty, and they couldn't give me any kind of estimate on time or cost. So I'm wondering: Should I take a gamble sending it in...
  7. CThruU

    P4 Crash Repair Examples

    I've posted about both of my crashes in earlier threads. I decided to post a quick summary to help others who may be wondering what it costs to get repairs and how to go about it. This is US specific, other areas of the world will likely be different. My first crash was into a tree and...
  8. B

    DJI Official Forum - Easier to ban than resolve service issues?